Talent website


Talent website

now has a lot of talent website, the reason is very simple, but the development of the intermediary to make money, the excess is like the famous point of pile up in excess of requirement, payment, and expensive, affect small business recruitment, recruit one or two salesperson how could pay thousands of dollars in membership fees. Talent network do, a template can fix, which makes a lot of corporate recruiters can not determine which effect is good, the good is not complete, even a trial are not small, you can not see, because the website design is a big brand.

I was just trying to find out, and what we were saying was that we weren't the same (that's advertising), because it wasn't the same, so talk about it so that more recruiters and job seekers know about us,.

to explore the use of the latest search technology, the major well-known talent website information as the search for like, so that job seekers can view the information on the network, does not require a landing, convenient and practical, to achieve a landing station, easy for.

At the same time as a member of

corporate recruiters enterprises also have the enterprise recommendation service, job seekers focus on member enterprise information, as well as talent recommendation service. The purpose of the website is not a talent to solve the communication between enterprises and individuals, to explore the purpose of it is

talking about charges, the site is also look at the effect after pay, want to know more before exploring network information, please visit all over the net, www.010so.com Beijing more understanding, please add QQ 395973510

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