Who is doing the title of the website


Who is doing the title of the website

set, green, fashion, young subject quality in a "struggle", "my sister film master of my youth" is the central station hit, tells the story of three young men and women to work and how to face the parents, lovers in the development road of the story. The story not only describes the world outlook and outlook on life of the post-80s young people, but also describes the life state of middle-aged people with "big, small and small". Television has a wide range of radiation, almost involving love, marriage, career, parents and children, morality, law and so on. Because the story is close to life, the old and young should be salty, so it caused a surge of youth viewing ratings.

I am the master of my youth? Is our own? Or our parents, or your lover, or fate, is of course different people have different views of things. Some say good science, as a good father, also said some good work, marry well, also said that the resignation is their own choice, not to mention.

what I'm trying to say today is, who's the boss of my website,


believe that many people like me, full of longing for the network in the world, I believe the magic of the network, that network equality in can find our self-esteem online, find our hope, therefore, even in a vast future, such as flying fish into the water head in, maybe someone will applaud, Chushengniudu not afraid the tiger is not well, but we should find our position, we find the coordinates, my site who call the shots? Many people may say, my site is of course me ah, I can't decide your own website, I do this site what? So many people for their own like, today DISCUZ tomorrow PHPWIND forum today, over a period of time that popularity is low, while the SNS is hot, turn to do SNS, this website can not succeed? Can. Some people say, do the site is to make money, how to make money how to do, see the movie web site to make money, I'm going to do a movie website, see game site fire, without demur do game site, so repeatedly, chop and change, can do a successful website? I see it.

, who is the boss of my website? What I want to say is what time is it?.

: the first no matter who website is the website users to call the shots, the user is God, no user website will become the source of water, without this wood. Therefore, we should do our utmost enthusiasm, the greatest sincerity to treat users of the site, so that they feel the site of the practical, the indispensable site, so that the site has a successful foundation.

second: the positioning of the website, our website can't satisfy all Internet users, some users want to make friends, some users need to go shopping, and some users just look at the news, take a look at the post, so we certainly cannot meet all the users, which requires our position clear for certain parts of the service, the service do the most extreme, certain parts of the users.

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