On site to recommend mining products and user intersection point


On site to recommend mining products and user intersection point


attention to the "user recommendation" opportunity is now a shopping site "guess you love", although it is recommended for the skin, but it's really a day of high accuracy to guess my heart good. I guess I was a lot of operations, to disdain the use of the product, to the database has left enough traces, it was a hit, let the program through preferences.

day meeting, business and design in dispute, recommended module content, in the end by the business push, or in accordance with user preferences to push? In other words, is the arrangement of blind date or laissez faire love


'users' in the end you say you? I still see me? Your purpose is not the same, as users, rely on their wisdom to make choices than those recommended advertising to the brightly coloured and reliable, but interestingly results may converge.

today on user recommendation

's model in mind:

online site recommended:

A. super advertising light box +Flash scroll

B. secondary page both recommended 'module'

C. footer recommended module

D. search preset option recommended

E. search results recommended

F. "nook" recommended "

entrance dogskin plaster

site beyond recommended mode:

(similar AD)

, A., Email, regular mail,

B. instant messaging

C. relies on other applications for the 'recommended' bits'


(it should be more accurate)

recommended object:

A. current product user

B. is not the user of this product, but may be related to the software / information of this product. The user

C., no screening, facing everyone,

recommended frequency:

A. updates the recommended content every time the page is refreshed.

B. fixed finite zone timing scrolling

C. (for advertising, targeted, off line / offline recommendation), according to product activities, special user events (such as birthday, use cycle)...... ) recommend

at a particular time

recommended effect:

's comprehensive advertising recommendation - specifically relevant users will note that non information interest points, users often ignore or hold skepticism,

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