The difficulty and easy of enterprise website making


The difficulty and easy of enterprise website making

at present, Xiao Bian, I have been in a website production company to do more than a year, think about it, time really flies, remember when you just came out of school, or a little white. When I first entered the company, I didn't even dare to say hello to my colleagues, so it was almost a month before my company arrived. Some of my colleagues didn't know what my name was. Where I am the site of the company scale is not large, I just went to the only 5~6 individuals, in addition to outside manager 1 is made of technology, and the 2 is the artist, I went to the main technical aspects of the work is done. You know it is all a small company, a staff may not only be responsible for a work, so all of us must do and do sales and customer service. Has been a period of exercise, I have been able to work in the technical aspects of the handy, and our company's main type of station to do enterprise based website. It may also be related to the location of our company. The company is located in an industrial park, so the factories are big and small. And at the beginning, our main service object is them, the enterprise website does more, also can have some so-called experience. As the establishment of the company is now doing many corporate websites and products website will go to use a template or a station, so you can save a large part of the cost, but also can improve the speed of doing station 1~2 times. But although our company is small, we still insist on the original style. After all, the websites that use templates are stereotyped, just like the faces of Korean women stars. The same eyelids, the same sharp chin, the same high bridge of the nose, people do not feel new.

, in my opinion, there is a difficult place to do an enterprise website, and there are simple places for beginners to do. Because it does not need a lot of pages, and it does not need as many products as the product station effect diagram, the function of the site relative to the forum site and mall site, it is pediatrics. Therefore, an enterprise website production cycle is generally in 1~2 weeks time can be completed, if the customer is not very picky, that may not be able to use so much time. The following small series I made from the enterprise website "difficult" and "easy" these two aspects to talk about their views, first of all, "Yi" for:

first: website structure, function is simple,

from a construction company, if just a novice, so certainly will want him to do business website to practice. This is not to say that for the enterprise website customers do not pay attention to, but a novice skills, knowledge without accident, enough to cope with all the functions of an enterprise website. The general enterprise website does not need user registration, payment function, website circle and so on, so it greatly reduces the requirements of the website technology.

second: Web page design is not complicated,

for a web site artist, the most afraid is to do a web site, there are dozens or even hundreds of pages, and these pages also need to design renderings. In that case, >

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