The success of local websites from the success of Chengde local websites


The success of local websites from the success of Chengde local websites

network from the first to the time segment, hao123 navigation, and local network group purchase, classification, comprehensive portal site A new force suddenly rises., from now to the professional website experienced today is my groundless talk, talk about the success of Chengde local website about professional website. When you look at the success of local websites, let's take a look at group data:


site is less than 2 months, can do such a site is not very easy for me, I spent countless effort and sweat, in the heat of the day I launched the site in Chengde, pain and suffering during the experience does not elaborate here. From Baidu included to see: 2 months of time included to 4670, indicating that Baidu is almost the content of the web site reached a hair and receive, then how to do so Baidu included,


1. every day to update the original article, I do Chengde website, specially invited a newsgatherers, traveled to Chengde, the collection of public hotspots, understand the local stories, through the efforts of 20 days of my website is that Baidu is a development of the website, with original content on the website, keep updating another Baidu feel stable website.

2. to buy the domain name and put a lot of space, although it is the first time to do stand, but I also know the importance of the stability of the space on the site, spent 1000 yuan to buy the 1G space by A5, domain name registration, from the website to the website now without one open phenomenon, open speed basically reached the second opening".

3. through the chain driven web site, released some useful articles on their website is also an important factor to improve the website itself included in some high weight website, through external websites promote their own website on search engine through external sites induced due to come to your site.

from Baidu anti chain: the chain is not a lot of only 1960, but the number of the chain are all real and effective anti chain, basically some high quality links, from the beginning of Chengde website on adhering to a philosophy: "high quality and efficient development, do stop, until now I still think to do is to start from the base station to do a solid, do. From the development situation: after 2 months of time, now the station fusion some special local resources, such as Mountain Resort in Chengde, to promote the development of the site by local businesses, I think to do a good job in a local website cannot do without the support of three aspects.

1. local businesses to support a person, do stand, even if the energy is not likely to do the greatest website, the strongest, the integration of business resources is a good way to do stand, do Chengde website in the process, I have adopted a villa resources and travel agency with summer miscellaneous stores combined by them the financial support of development up to now, of course I will develop their achievements with their share, they will put me to the last several hundred percent return to them, can sign an agreement with the business. < >

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