Personal experience of managing small Forums


Personal experience of managing small Forums

believes that a lot of people are doing it slowly to know what SEO is about. Because the site is ready, no access, naturally will go to query the relevant issues, so naturally contact with the SEO. Many people in the University have done graduate design, I began to do the station is also from this time, the following talk about I do a small forum, from the line to failure to shut down the process and feelings of it.

did not know there were some open source BBS programs at university. Of course, the graduates didn't let the Internet download. So this forum I can say is all I knock on my keyboard. The theme of my forum is "heart to heart" exchange platform. Write procedures, these processes do not say, and I believe that they have stood the station all know.

site is ready, at the same time, graduation design must pass. Forum program is still, out of interest, so on the Internet checked the space domain name, and then find a fairly cheap space and domain name, slightly adjust the Forum on the official line. At the time of the operation station friends interested, I updated every day after on-line forum, more interested in some people online things, but found that after a period of time, the forum seemed dead, but I almost no what to forum. It makes my heart cool, but I can't give up like this, right?. So at that time, because it is still in school because of it, so it was in the school class inside propaganda, pull some friends, students come to my forum. So, BBS registration, users will be more. But then the problem came again. Most of the people went into the forum. After registration, they almost didn't do other operations. They just looked around, and then they didn't come. BBS registered users, although many, but not active, at the same time online very few people, and very few people in it discuss the problem. It is estimated that so many registered users call them because they are classmates and friends, so they go to register a user.

and I found the light by friends is difficult to take the forum to perk up, then I find on the Internet about how to improve website popularity, see a lot of people say you can use the QQ, email, blog and other publicity. So I think I can try, and then rekindle the passion, began to apply for a few QQ and fierce people, and added to a lot of QQ group inside. And then through the QQ mailbox mass my forum for publicity, and in QQ group inside propaganda. At first it did have some effect, and the number of people came to the forum every day, and the discussion started slowly.

just began to feel a sense of achievement when the problem again, I found that the message in the forum are some AD, I haven't found at first, open some posts after reading found those posting comments of people to my forum AD, and what there are also many other, really, in a few people inside the exchange forum. Because they do their own forums, many functions are not perfect, some messages can not be filtered out, and there is no permissions settings, and so on. < >

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