Talk about the experience of your website being K


Talk about the experience of your website being K

has fallen in love with the Internet since he entered college in 04. Began to learn to do web pages, and then slowly, with their own personal home page. Later, we started working with everyone to start a personal website.

also has four years in the blink of an eye, in the meantime do not know how many stations. Maybe the electricity costs spent on it should be several thousand dollars too. Ha-ha。 But today is said that their site was K experience, not related words, not to say more.

The first time the site was

K, is a so-called portal, named point, that point is good, easy life. But now, I think it's really funny. Since the beginning of suffering from no content, but then there is no ASP, PHP foundation. So I see some people say that the thief procedures are particularly good, directly to other people's stolen things, change all need not change. And you can steal it.

then downloaded video thieves, music thieves, novels, thieves and so on from the source station, so long as they were able to get them. Just change your style and become your own. Then the Tencent home page, plus their thief program links and content, it seems to be a door. At that time, a man was still stealing music, and there must be many people coming to see it tomorrow.

but after a month, few people came. Later, by Baidu K. At that time did not know the reason, through the online search inquires, only then knew is oneself changed homepage's title, as well as page style.

then made a site navigation station. Because when I saw Wang Tong wrote the most NB personal website HAO123 in China, so downloaded from the Internet to 9991 of the source code, after the completion of the post up.

, of course, in the school computer room, so they have their own computer room, computer home page changed to my, and other students in the computer room agreed on good, but also changed to my. Unfortunately, the result is not as good as imagined, so hundreds of people visit every day. By GG alone, there was not much money in a day. Later, because I was busy with the exam, I never managed. Later, the horse was released, K.

now want to come, can only blame themselves too inexperienced, and failed to adhere to. Of course, you can't insist on it. How much do you want to talk about?.

then, in junior year, started the school code station. This may be the most successful thing you did when you were in college. Because of this, a big profit. Most of the day, GG had more than 240 dollars into RMB more than 2000! But when, or was the last shot good times don't last long, Baidu! Perhaps the reason is in many aspects. For example, at that time, PV reached hundreds of thousands of day, and they did not have a server, just rented hundreds of space a year. At the same time, there is no diversion of large amounts of traffic, resulting in their standing K, traffic is almost zero.

it was a big blow to myself. Although lost so much, but not too sad, after all, road >!

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