Network crisis public relations experience talk about adverse competition


Network crisis public relations experience talk about adverse competition

Chinese after the development of the Internet in the ups and downs of the decade, the number of Internet users has more than three hundred million Chinese, Chinese application of Internet companies have been a few thousand million, the Internet brings the new marketing concept of enterprises at the same time, they are faced with the threat from the Internet, the Internet and any new things, clearly has two sides that is like a double-edged sword, which can help enterprises to survive in a crisis, can let the enterprise in a harmonious situation, instant collapse, this is the power of the internet. When you encounter a crisis of confidence in the business on the Internet when you do, when one of your competitors on the Internet malicious attacks you, you damage the credibility of the enterprise, what do you do? More and more enterprises in the use of the Internet to promote their products at the same time, was also not to the crisis the enterprise can not escape, only to face the opponent, to carry out network public relations crisis.

since the Internet into China, its form is the greatest degree of localization, China Internet has its special cultural form, this situation is closely related with Chinese, network public relations crisis is the best proof that enterprises encounter the network crisis, divided into different situations, the most common is the competition of enterprises in order to suppress your opponent, various platforms on the Internet for your enterprise to release some malicious slander information after your customers see this information, you will not have enterprise trust, directly affect the enterprise sales, the most terrible is the bad influence on the enterprise brand is persistent, because some companies do not know how to to deal with these negative information, finally had to swallow even collapse, it reminds me of the guest network marketing institute founder Yang School Long sentence, if today's enterprises can not rely on the Internet to grow and develop, it will be defeated by the internet. This shows that the age of the Internet, every enterprise inevitably become the object of attack, so to solve this problem, some rules are to understand the Internet and problem-solving skills, I have done the network promotion in an educational institution, just to catch up with a public relations crisis, this experience gave I also have a lot of experience, some experience.

company was a competitor every day in Baidu Post Bar, classified information posted on the website of our company some bad malicious information, some information can even say is slander, take Baidu Post Bar, due to the weight in the search engine is very high, mood is very busy, so, in search of our company brand word Post Bar in negative information will be exposed, the problem has been bothering me for a long time, the use of all kinds of promotion methods, is of no avail, helpless, and I ask the guest network marketing college teacher, in fact, Baidu Post Bar in negative information can be deleted, as long as normal the procedure. The general procedure to delete posts is ready for business, a copy of the certificate, and cover the official seal of the enterprise; second, ready for the letter of guarantee and the official seal, the contents of the letter of guarantee is to ensure that enterprises are solely responsible for the behavior of the deleted posts and the consequences; third, authorization, authorization of the company's Baidu to delete posts employee award >

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