Qinghai’s first innovation and entrepreneurship contest held today finals


Qinghai’s first innovation and entrepreneurship contest held today finals

youth is the vanguard of the entrepreneurial army, in order to encourage young entrepreneurs, all over the country to carry out a variety of innovation and entrepreneurship contest to support. The day before the first session of the innovation and entrepreneurship competition held in Qinghai Province, 27 entrepreneurial projects will be selected the best in 23 days.

to encourage public entrepreneurship, support the innovation, foster youth innovation and entrepreneurship, jointly organized by the human resources and Social Security Department of Qinghai province 10 units in Qinghai Province, the first innovation competition in October 23rd officially entered the finals, a "innovation" feast officially kicked off. 22 days before the game, players draw, training, rehearsals and other preparations, the players eager, eager for a fight.

according to different groups and ranking, the organizing committee set up a venture bonus of 20 thousand yuan to 100 thousand yuan, in the published entries after scoring a ceremony. "The game countdown, I was very nervous and excited, looking forward to win, strive to 50 thousand yuan venture bonus, it will be on the road I support and encourage entrepreneurship!" The growth of the group "Saixi coral fruit planting" project leader Zhang Haihong said.

10 22, the organizing committee invited China SIYB entrepreneurship training project founder, international senior trainer Professor Deng Baoshan, to "start time" as the theme, focus on the current situation of entrepreneurship development, entrepreneurship typical case analysis, to teach players business knowledge. Beijing Haoda Education Technology Co., Ltd. and Qinghai bestwiz business training school to start the final rule interpretation and other training courses for the finalist. At the end of the training, under the supervision of the notary personnel, the organizing committee staff will organize the players to draw lots and arrange the order of the finals.

as the lack of resources of western provinces, Qinghai in the form of innovation for the local youth pointed out a future path of development. Entrepreneurship to promote employment, entrepreneurship to promote economic development, in one fell swoop to achieve a win-win situation for entrepreneurs and hometown.

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