Strong push entrepreneurial JAC action plan


Strong push entrepreneurial JAC action plan

to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, Anhui province "business plan is a JAC", under the guidance of the policy, entrepreneurs in action, entrepreneurial enterprises are getting better development, "entrepreneurial action JAC" effect.

3 28 days, reporters from the provincial agency office was informed that since last year, our province to implement youth entrepreneurship "eight projects" as the focus, to build business services and business innovation competition "two platform", and vigorously promote the "entrepreneurial Jianghuai action plan, will achieve 3 years more than 350 thousand new registered enterprises more than 1 million people, driven by employment target.   in 2015, the province's 135 thousand and 100 newly registered private enterprises, newly registered 315 thousand and 400 individual industrial and commercial households, an increase of 15.44% and 14.34% respectively; absorb 429 thousand and 200 people, 759 thousand jobs, an increase of 4.17%, 19.92%.

2015, the province actively build business innovation competition platform, launched the first "win in the Jianghuai province venture contest, organized the second national business special trials competition and the second" Chinese Chong wing "youth entrepreneurship and innovation contest in Anhui branch, and the challenge cup, Anhui youth entrepreneurship and technology innovation contest a series of events.

in the power of venture financing, promoting entrepreneurship loans "the entire loan straight hair mode, 2015 issued business loans 5 billion 380 million yuan, driven by the employment of more than 10 people; exploration of the enterprise credit practice, in 2015 there were 105 units to obtain 73 million 210 thousand yuan loans; a new financing channels, to guide the banking financial institutions to innovative products and provide services for the initial financing needs of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial enterprises.

to conform to the information, the era of big data requirements, our province also actively promote the business service cloud platform, providing policy advice, training application, ability evaluation and other one-stop Internet business services for entrepreneurs.

2016 years of innovation and entrepreneurship in Anhui province has achieved very good results, to a large extent, solve the problem of people's employment, and better promote the economic development.


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