Henan female officials lead the poor people go out of poverty to get rich


Henan female officials lead the poor people go out of poverty to get rich

In the course of the development of

economy, although many areas have achieved good development, but other regions are still facing the attack of poverty. Let's understand, Henan female officials lead the poor people to get rich stories on poverty!

during the summer busy season, June 3rd afternoon, the body is in the rehabilitation of Wu Shulan, has not been idle at home in Zhengzhou, from time to time with the Xi Wang Lou Cun people call, she worried about the village of wheat harvesting, straw Jinshao work.

2014 in March, the provincial poverty Alleviation Office of the deputy inspector Wu Shulan to the poor mountainous areas Queshan County Xi Wang Lou Cun village, the first Secretary of the Party branch, this is the second time Wu Shulan volunteered in the village.

from the "office official" to "village" from Wu Zhuang Cun, Xincai county to Gou Zhen Xi Wang Lou Cun Wu Shu queshanxian, always keep in mind that a member of the Communist Party of mission and responsibility, lead the poor people out of poverty on the road to get rich.

two villages as the first Secretary of the village

2010, the provincial Party committee send cadres in the village served as the first secretary, Wu Shulan after hearing the news again and again the initiative to apply to the organization. Then, in July 2010, the provincial organization department sent the first batch of provincial authorities in the village first secretary, from 18 to 18 gay male comrades and 1 female comrades, when 53 year old Wu Shulan is the 19 largest age.

Wu Shulan came to Xincai county national poverty counties, served as first Secretary of the Wu village Party branch, working is three years.

first, I was stationed in the village, I have experience; second, poverty alleviation is front of the old comrades, has been looking forward to have a face to face service opportunities for farmers; third, Wu Zhuang is my hometown, I am familiar with the situation there." Wu Shulan told reporters.

village, Wu Shulan day to fields and farmers to work together, the evening to homely chatter, chat development, understand the village public opinion. Combined with the actual situation of large Wu Village, she identified the development of straw cattle, cattle manure planting organic vegetables, a virtuous cycle of agricultural thinking.

in the Wu Zhuang village for three years, Wu Shulan helped the villagers to the introduction of modern dairy farms, organic fertilizer factory and other 4 enterprises, and built a small duck, built a 20 greenhouse vegetable planting base. Wu Shulan in December 2013 at the end of the village, the village per capita net income of 5960 yuan, doubled in three years, the big Wu Zhuang Cun has become a provincial and municipal advanced village Party branch and provincial "38" red flag collective.

After the liberation of

Wu Village, the organization to consider allowing her to return to work, but Wu Shulan again recommended to the group

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