f your company is in a position to change


f your company is in a position to change

is not easy to open a company, operating a company is more difficult, many times, the company boss found himself struggling when running, but do not know where the problem, and do not want to change the direction of action. If your company has the following, then the company should change direction.

A, in the company work better than the overall

"we judge, if this technology is applied to multiple brands instead of our start-up brand may be more valuable." "An internal tool is more valuable than a brand," Wohlschlaeger explains."

he realized what this tool adjustment should be applied to more fields, and the detailed performance of the tools can be developed, such as the unique relationship between users and participation etc..

two, if you want to return the service, does not resonate with the

target users

MEST incubator in San Francisco general manager Neal  Hansch said, a lot of start-ups; forge ahead, and believe that the market will not be completely indifferent to their solution, but the result is that the target audience is not interested in it.

if the introduction of a fee in the free zone, sometimes problems occur. For example, if you add a service charge, the likelihood that the user will try to buy is low; or in this area, the willingness to pay is lower than expected. It is clear, for users of your product or service is based on our choice, rather than a necessary choice. Hansch : "if the statistics are so low that it's hard to imagine, it's time to find out where your product can change and make the decision.". In fact, it is more attractive to propose a pain point that needs to be changed."

three, you figure out your industry sales cycle:

> Goergen entrepreneurship at University of Pennsylvania Walton School of business

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