Ma’anshan women’s Federation to promote the construction of women’s mutual support


Ma’anshan women’s Federation to promote the construction of women’s mutual support

China does not have a young woman actually have a heart, but most of the lack of professional skills, it is difficult to find the right entrepreneurial projects. However, with the deepening of social concern, women began to get entrepreneurial opportunities.

"if it hadn't been for women to give me a guarantee loans, perhaps as early as the collapse of the company." To get the help of a difficult start, Anhui Ma'anshan ceris housekeeping service limited liability company founder Zhang Xiaoyan grateful.

2009, Zhang Xiaoyan founded the housekeeping service company. Two years later in the winter, the company's cash flow is difficult to break a project, the critical moment, women's matchmaking, let me get a total of 80 thousand yuan of loans." Zhang Xiaoyan said, "it's the money that keeps my company alive."."

in Qingxi Hanshan County in Ma'anshan Province town of large farming Ling Meimei, her rich road from opening women's promotion of "stayingwomen group", the group members take turns "Zuozhuang" to do farm work, realize the production of mutual help and mutual support of life. In his own study and leave each other group's help, Ling Meimei mastered a lot of farming skills and transaction information, the number of pigs by 2 to just more than and 700 today, her husband also returned and engaged in pig industry.

"Municipal Women's Federation for 13 consecutive years with a number of units, annual planning a theme, to carry out normalization of" spring breeze Gang "activities, to allow more women at home employment," solid employment home "." Xu Caizhen said that last year the city's women's federations at all levels organized a special recruitment will be recommended 43

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