The girl manages six companies at the same time


The girl manages six companies at the same time

want to work out their own wealth in the entrepreneurial world is not simple, not to mention women, a little girl has written a new chapter in their business life, while operating six companies.

One afternoon in the early days of

2014, an employee of the Manhattan office space, Coworkrs, sat on the seat of a large three wheeled bicycle and began to walk through the New York iron area. The three wheeled bike, with a small table, seemed to sit at her desk when the employee was running around in New York.

baskins another company PeddlerPop-Ups will take a tricycle to rent out a guerrilla store.

2008, e-commerce is much more difficult and expensive than it is now, Baskin founded his first company in her dorm room at New York University, InkwellHelmets. As an art student interested in visual illusions, she painted a blue sky and white cloud on her bicycle helmet, and varnish it with a high gloss. When she wore the helmet around New York, she was often stopped to ask where she bought it.

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