Seven questions let you understand a business opportunity


Seven questions let you understand a business opportunity

said to grasp the business opportunities, but how to grasp the business opportunities? If there is a business opportunity in front of you, how do you understand it? In the space below, Pammy cloud 3D color equipment film as an example, teach you to see a business opportunity with seven questions.

1, " Pammy space " career prospects really vast


A: of course. 1 billion 400 million people living space, then look down! With the city to speed up the progress of construction area, China has more than the total of the developed countries; and as more new fashion rise space demand is from quantitative to qualitative change, from the asylum into sensory needs, from simple landing to four white, art, personality a grade


[space] Pammy adhering to South Korea and the world of cutting-edge technology Jiezhuang trend, fashion, personality, full of concern in each side of the wall, each other in 3D. With the most simple way to express the most profound sense of art, with the world's home improvement products simultaneously listed, personality, environmental protection, creativity unlimited.

3, I would like to ask the investment of this project, how long can recover the cost?


4, dealers, agents can cross regional sales?

A: no.. " Pammy space " no local distributors and agents to cross regional sales, in the authorized outside business, shall submit a written application and no distributors and agents in the local time, the headquarters can be approval according to market conditions.

5, I did not open this store experience can do it?

Answer: if the first to receive the

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