Venture into her invisible wings to fly


Venture into her invisible wings to fly

The birth of

business for many disabled entrepreneurs to bring new hope, such as the Shandong girl tube shuang. Despite the loss of the ability to walk, she is still supported by the self-made Taobao electricity supplier, adding a pair of invisible wings".


26 old tube usually the most love singing "invisible wings". The most memorable is in July 2009, I was invited to participate in the Alibaba semi annual meeting of Taobao, with Ma Yun singing the same song." Sitting in front of reporters suffering from congenital myasthenia gravis girl, the mouth is always smiling. She founded the shop "Shuang shoe museum" has been operating for 10 years, annual sales of more than 2 million yuan.

tube was born in Laiyang city of Shandong dragon Shuang Wang Zhuang Street in the steep mountain village, the other children will go, she also can only sit, how also can't stand up. Parents carrying her to Beijing, Tianjin and other major hospitals, was diagnosed as spinal cord weakness". Experts agree that the child can not walk, and the doctor claimed that she was not 18 years old.

grew up, still can not get out of bed straight tube. At the age of 14, know the magic computer cool tube. Give the child to find a companion, tube cool mother dressed heart to daughter bought a computer. The whole family in order to cure me, sold the house, but also owed a lot of debt. In order to buy this computer, mother must have made a lot of difficulties." Be thankful for.

God in closed door at the same time, will also open a window. To cool, this window is rich and colorful world of the internet. By the end of 2004, once the broadband home network for the tube opening, cool wings, let her vision. That is simply unbelievable, she can stay at home to sell things on the internet. Think about the future can use this to share their parents, even on their own, feel particularly exciting cool tube. So, she opened an online shop on Taobao. The store, select the source authentication, photos, upload baby, promotion of a series of things, simply have to seriously study. Encountered difficulties, she asked the user, often because of the production of a picture and work late into the night. When everything is ready, her merchandise is no one, no orders for months.

in her mood, many enthusiastic users by her entrepreneurial passion, she encouraged her to give advice and suggestions, to break a new path, will not take the unusual way. Some netizens suggested to her: "now, old shoes because of its comfort, health care and other characteristics, is becoming more and more popular. Why not try?" Yeah! Their parents will do cloth shoes, Laiyang raw materials are sufficient. So, once suggested parents making shoes processing, she is responsible for online sales. The parents took her advice, founded the shoe factory, and registered its own brand, cool tube road of entrepreneurship really started.

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