How to join the hawker Western style food


How to join the hawker Western style food

fast food shops are generally found in the form of franchise, because of high profits, market competition naturally, to be able to think in the future of the fast food Everything is going smoothly. his career, prior to the project a good choice. It is important to choose a good brand. In 1993, haoxianglai Dining Entertainment Co., Ltd. was established in Xiamen. After nearly twenty years of development, to create a famous brand - haoxianglai restaurant chain Chinese, into Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Dalian, Xi'an, Guiyang, Chengdu, Haikou and other China more than and 60 large and medium-sized city, has set up nearly 200 stores, providing nearly 20 thousand jobs for the community, the average daily consumption of more than 100 thousand people.

haokelai Western-style food franchise

1, identity haokelai fast food brands, has a good investment mentality consciousness;

2, an organization or an individual of Chinese citizens who need to have independent civil liability;

3, the need for some business experience, with suitable premises, approved haokelai Hamburg management concept and management mode;

4, need to have a certain financial strength and good business credit;

5, need to be keen on the expansion of Western fast food and the spread of Western fast food culture.

haokelai Western-style food franchise flow

1, the intention of customers to the company's products, brands, such as all-round investigation;

2, the intention to submit the application form;

3, China Merchants Department for qualification examination;

4, confirm the application cooperation, signed the contract;

5, China Merchants Department for site approval;

6, the design department to provide renovation programs and guidance;

8, marketing distribution and the opening of the preparatory work before the guidance of


9, to the specialized manager and the staff product, the business training;

10, trial operation of formal operations;

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