Partnership entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial team which is better


Partnership entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial team which is better

mentioned entrepreneurship, in the current environment, people are not unfamiliar, however, in addition to the form of individual entrepreneurship, but also in the current venture market is also very popular partnership venture. In addition, the team entrepreneurial model has begun to prevail. So, which is better partnership entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial team?

two years of the Internet community partnership entrepreneurship, the congregation to raise the partner, partner mechanism and other words about entrepreneurship is very fire, but almost as entrepreneurs have recognized: partnership entrepreneurship problems, do not fly.

what's going on?

personal understanding, everyone thought of the partnership business, is the traditional way of business, few people, together with the investment management business together, together, together with a loss or a penny.... obvious benefits: risk, collective strengths and the ability of each person; the disadvantages are also obvious: don't trust each other to buck passing, finally disband.

Internet industry said the partnership venture, personally think that the more precise statement is: team entrepreneurship. Its advantages are: easy to form complementary advantages, enhance the overall combat effectiveness; the downside is: the team of entrepreneurs on the founder of a higher overall capacity requirements.

the difference between the two is very obvious, the original partnership, perhaps a combination of capital, technology, or simply human, is due to the lack of resources led to cooperative behavior. In the Internet industry, the partnership is more of a capacity, entrepreneurs often find what can be found to fill their own short board, others are joining you, often do not need to invest money.

first investment basically is the founder, even if investors only have investors, investors, professional investors do not participate in the daily management of basic enterprise day, only provide some resources and assistance, the ability is more. From the perspective of the proportion of shares held by the company, the Internet sector partners tend to be lower than the traditional partner, and the number is generally more than three.

from the management point of view, a project of the Internet community "partner" often only responsible for the project or the plate, the most obvious "millet" flattening management, where the problem is to find the person in charge of the Department to solve, need not directly in the face of all the partners; and the traditional way of partnership the problem is, enterprise, partners to solve, even voting, often easily lead to low efficiency of management, do not trust each other and disband.

team of entrepreneurs often only the founder of the team on behalf of this enterprise, and the traditional partnership venture basically each partner can represent the enterprise. When a problem arises in a business, a partner in a partnership often solves a problem together, or a partner may shuffle or blame each other

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