How to implement the marketing of tea house in summer


How to implement the marketing of tea house in summer

almost any business, there will be a light season. Once the season, basically do not need to take any business strategy, business can be very hot. However, when the off-season, if you want the normal operation of the store, naturally need to take relevant marketing strategies. So, how to implement the teahouse in the summer marketing?

"there is no off-season market, only the idea of off-season," on marketing, this sentence in the same operation in the teahouse. But in most of the teahouse, summer marketing is more likely to be positioned in the inertia of the off-season marketing. Because, from the general situation of the national tea house, summer traffic are often more or less than any time in the same year. Therefore, the summer tea on the topic of marketing, it will start from the beginning of the off-season to discuss the group.

a sign of the North Jun tea friends gave such an analysis and recommendations, in the group with a certain representation: Teahouse marketing in the summer, on the inside, to take advantage of off-season training contest. During this time, Hangzhou Tai Chi tea house are doing this internal articles, I personally feel very good. Foreign, to launch thirst quenching varieties, such as plum, green tea ice cream, fresh fruit, let patrons feel a cool and fresh wind into the heart. The air conditioning, environmental tone adjustments should also be done."

from the same industry, in this period, around the teahouse activities such as Chengdu teahouse, the teahouse of Hangzhou tea party night West Lake is planning more successful. Characteristics of the new, there Beijing Lao She Teahouse distribution Almond Jelly soup etc.. Review, activities, the 2006 World Cup period, part of the teahouse set up a large screen television, collective organization to watch football matches are not good.


characteristics of the new Beijing, many consumers will recall a company launched Black Tea iced lemon tea. From the relevant industries, the western chain of food and beverage has long been launched in the summer taste of tea, such as Haagen Dazs, kfc. In the renovation of the renovation of the transformation, the sensitivity of the food and beverage industry is also obvious.

so, insiders remind: when we see a number of well-known domestic tea shop in the adjustment of the time, the small and medium tea should also be aware of the early". Indeed, a refreshing summer tea and dessert and seasonal activities recognized by consumers and operators together, should remind operators is that these cannot be implemented in the follow, tea sales activities should never be a whim.

what kind of activities need to launch the off-season, and the annual planning coordination, and through investigation, system design, price positioning, target advertising, promotions and other marketing solutions to various factors to play a role in the coordination of the target consumers, so as to achieve the expected results. For example, "special offer", "price" strategy, if unilateral reflected in the price, >

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