Recruitment to avoid mistakes


Recruitment to avoid mistakes

recruitment is often encountered in our workplace, how to recruit the ideal employees, how to recruit people want? This is the need for some of the skills, the following let us from the time of recruitment to avoid the misunderstanding began to understand recruitment!

the first round of screening is the degree of screening. Chicken and duck are excellent graduates of Peking University certainly pass; sheep and dog is a college graduate, also pass; cats and owls are graduating from high school, human resources manager frowned, also passed, the first closed down only one, that is to read the second grade of Elementary School Mr. pig.

second in the duck, it said: "I have not published what works, but in college, I have published 18 papers in papers, for various types of rats, I was on top of." This is good, but also left.

third in the sheep sheep said: "I do not have such a high level of education, there is no published papers, what works. But I have a heart and persevere hard hooves. As long as you help me find the mouse hole, and I stood there, holding my front, I saw a mouse stepped down, the ten of them should have two or three can be trampled to death, as long as I persist, I believe that one day I will kill the mice!" Three examiners were moved by the spirit of the sheep, so also admitted.

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