How often should the new store be adjusted once a week for three weeks


How often should the new store be adjusted once a week for three weeks

if the new goods, even to achieve a new week last week. Then, the store will naturally need to adjust the display once a week. However, now most of the shops are unable to achieve a new week last week, from the current market situation, the last three weeks a new product is a normal number of shops. So, how often should a new store in three weeks be adjusted for a display?

2002 years ago, the domestic brands have rarely, Chen Lieshi brand is one of the few, and I was in such a brand merchandising. The brand in the country are the form of large agents, large agents have their own display. The headquarters will be a large number of goods sent to several agents, and agents of their own sales managers will be based on the actual situation to give each store distribution of goods, once a week. The results presented in the new shop, is a weekly and weekly display a display.

before and after 2007, many domestic brands have begun merchandising and other related jobs, before the many brand merchandising scattered into various brands, these brands will continue to adjust the frequency of the original, a weekly display.

but many brands and goods on the frequency as the brand as a week of a new, most brands is three weeks on a new, so no time on the new goods, there is not what the adjustable display.

how long will it take for the store to shop for the last three weeks?

each product life cycle in about 10 weeks, on display in the store in different places, by the probability of customers to see is not the same, then display certain is the need to mobilize, about how long a time display, my experience is as follows:

1, every time the new goods must be major. Including the integration of goods, regional planning, side hanging display, window and model display, jewelry and stacked display, etc..

2, no new goods, two Monday major. Content and available, because sales after two weeks, the original selling goods bar, there may be a lot of money to sell off the code, there are also some series even if put in a good position also not how sales, but a kind of model for a long time not fresh, must be done in. After all, the product life cycle is only 10 weeks, be sure to leave a good position to sell goods.

3, no new goods, every Monday minor. Minor items include side mounted display and model design. After a weekend, store model dress and point hanging out kind of products are will change, will sell some broken code, some don't sell, so these products will need to be replaced, so more minor is the replacement of part of the point of hanging and store sample model.

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