The retail business to do a good job of three


The retail business to do a good job of three

many people say is not good to do business now, in fact there is no grasp to the relevant operating guidelines, in fact, the retail business users if you can follow the "three strict" work, I believe that will store business has a great help. The so-called "three three", namely "strict compliance, strict product quality, strict operating in good faith, every household should grasp the intentions of retail.

(1) strictly abide by the law.

strictly abide by the law and business, each retail household must establish this legal awareness, and in the daily operation to always adhere to do this, which is to ensure the normal development of the basic premise of retail management. As the saying goes: "the gentleman's love of money in a proper way, this road is the right way, that is to conform to the social ethics and the laws and regulations, with their own ability and cleverness win customer's trust and respect, in order to win wealth for themselves, and can not rely on the fraud to deceive, even lawlessness and other acts of fraud unrighteous wealth, the life and health of consumers in spite of! In fact, such ill-gotten gains have, although easy, but because of violations of law and discipline, sometimes need to pay a huge price!

just as tainted milk powder, dyeing steamed bread, waste oil, lean meat, fast chicken, pregnant medicine to support a lot of food safety violations eel, most of the parties have been criticized by public opinion, has been severely punished by the law! Therefore, retailers must strengthen the laws and regulations, such as the constitution, the commercial law, tobacco monopoly law, minor protection law, etc.. Must be done in accordance with the law retail, according to the rules.

retail Xia Yu, said: we must abide by the law of retail business. Never hit a bad idea, think of ideas, go away. What you want to get rich overnight, with inferior charge in order to really leave, etc.. You make money by customers, and even engage in illegal business, this business is both harmful and sinful, is not for a long time. When you first began to shop, to see some of their peers as random business, he has been confused, and even participated in.

remember me to buy some cheap inferior trench oil, money is easy to earn some. But when you see some TV reports in the newspaper, he felt sick, bad conscience. Especially to see the newspaper reports the Sanlu milk powder incident, let me completely disillusioned, I should make a conscience money, my heart will be steadfast, firm and secure."

(2) strict commodity quality.

so-called strict protection of the quality of goods, that is, we must strictly enter the retail goods into the purchase of goods, from the source to ensure that the goods sold in the supermarket genuine, reliable quality. That is, we must adhere to the purchase of goods from the formal channels, should not be greedy petty gain, by means of non normal channels or purchase. Only in this way can we guarantee the quality of goods purchased by consumers to ensure that problems can be resolved in a timely manner.

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