Huizhou to test the water in the public space open in September


Huizhou to test the water in the public space open in September


for many entrepreneurs who, a good entrepreneurial space is particularly important to build, at the same time, Huizhou has recently created such a creative space, to actively promote the development of entrepreneurial activities.

15 day, engaged in human resources and education and training of Huizhou sea talent announced the establishment of public space, and start the preparation of three new board listing. Rich sea talent CEO Li Youyun introduction, the company set up a 3Q Chong passenger · public space. It has nearly 4000 square meters of space, can accommodate hundreds of entrepreneurs. There are already several teams settled incubator, but the overall situation is still in the renovation phase, in September can be officially opened operations.

10 ten thousand enterprise resources can be docked entrepreneurial team

start landing three new board

15 on the same day, rich sea talent at the same time announced the start of the new three board work.

Li Youyun admits, from the inception of the company, she planned the company to enter the capital market operation. Rich sea talent is a service type of relatively light asset operation of the company, in the traditional capital market is difficult to find funds to help enterprise development, can not be bigger and stronger. Therefore, the company decided to list in the new three board.

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