Need to advance the layout of rural areas pollution free agricultural products


Need to advance the layout of rural areas pollution free agricultural products

is the early entrepreneurial public participation activities, in addition to the city, rural areas can also be business, has a very broad market prospects, but pollution-free agricultural products refers to the use of safety inputs, production technical specifications in accordance with the provisions of the habitat environment, the product quality conforms to the national mandatory standards and the use of the special marks of the safe product.

1, pollution-free agricultural products is the Ministry of agriculture and the State Council jointly formulated and issued by the State Council, is applied to obtain a unified national pollution-free agricultural products or product certification certification mark. Printed on the packaging, labels, advertising, brochures on the design of non pollution agricultural products, can not be used as a symbol of pollution-free agricultural products.

The use of

2, the sign of government involving pollution-free agricultural products to ensure the quality and maintenance of producers, operators and consumers legitimate rights and interests, is an important means of the agricultural departments at or above the county level and the relevant departments for effective supervision and management of pollution-free agricultural products. Therefore, the requirements of all certified products to "pollution-free agricultural products" to enter the market circulation, are required to add labels on the product or product packaging.

3, in addition to the use of a variety of traditional static security technology, but also with the security of the digital query function of dynamic security technology. Therefore, the use of the logo is an important measure of high degree of security of pollution-free agricultural products.

certification of pollution-free agricultural products to go through what links?

1, organization of the provincial administrative department of agriculture of complete pollution-free agricultural origin identified (including environmental monitoring), and issued a "certificate" pollution-free agricultural origin identified; 2, pollution-free agricultural products at the provincial level institutions receiving "pollution-free agricultural products certification application form" and submit materials, review the material is complete, to verify whether the content materials complete, true and accurate, whether the production process has banned the use of agricultural inputs and inputs are not standardized behavior; 3, pollution-free agricultural products designated inspection agencies, sampling detection; 4, the Ministry of agriculture of agricultural products quality and safety center affiliated professional certification center submitted to the Provincial Working Mechanism of the trial and the relevant application materials review, the feasibility of the production process control measures, production records and product inspection report "" compliance review; 5, Ministry of agriculture, agricultural products quality and safety center in accordance with the professional certification center review the situation again in the form of review, in line with the requirements of the organization of the "certification accreditation experts" for the final review.

in rural entrepreneurship, mostly is related to agricultural products, so we need to prepare the relevant procedures, I hope you don't forget, the Ministry of agriculture and the agricultural product quality safety center in China issued a certificate issued by the pollution-free agricultural products, pollution-free agricultural products, and report to the Ministry of agriculture and the CNCA joint announcement, you can help!

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