Suining public entrepreneurship will be a complete success


Suining public entrepreneurship will be a complete success

era of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs to carry out mutual exchange activities to promote mutual promotion. Suining users spontaneously organized a business to share, access to a number of municipal government departments to participate and support, to prove that the government's determination to support entrepreneurship and employment.

11 on the evening of 17 August, Suining City Chuanshan gymnasium floor, from the city of Suining, more than 300 entrepreneurs from all walks of life together, sharing entrepreneurial experience, entrepreneurial story. The venture share will be organized by the Municipal State Taxation Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau, the Banking Bureau, more than 10 Municipal Women's Federation, the municipal Party committee, Municipal Employment Bureau and other departments jointly, Suining will host the reading.

"for 3 months, every day I lonely to stick to an order, send personally Hot pot door, chat and customer comments." Zhai Jiyuan, who was the first person to take out the pot in the city, believes that "as long as you have the determination to succeed, you will not be afraid of failure." 12 entrepreneurs have come to the stage, the interaction between Taiwan and Taiwan, business mentor site comments and suggestions. Sharing activities present through the media bypass, government involvement, folk form, the original plan of 150 human activities scale, due to the early WeChat, mouth spread, more than 300 people over the scene, most entrepreneurs can only stand in.

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