How to open a mom shop


How to open a mom shop

snack industry, what kind of project can stand firm, the answer to this question is very clear, that is, the history of food and beverage has been selected for us a good snack items, such as what rice noodles, hot and sour powder, etc.. At present, large and small noodle shop and noodle brand more and more, so, how talent shows itself in the fierce competition in the market Laoma Rice Noodles? The answer is: "brand management", through improve the strength, to win a good reputation. Here is an example to tell you how to open an old Mom shop


[old mama shop]

Entrepreneur: Ms. Yao

intention entrepreneurial projects: Mom noodle

entrepreneurial reasons: Ms. Yao was a kindergarten teacher. Recently, she was hesitant to start the business and things: I learned is a teacher, but because I do not feel like this kind of work, so I would like to open a restaurant, a long time to look at the fancy mother noodle!

in recent years, the popularity of the restaurant, in the young people set off a burst of fever, the market prospects of Chinese food is still relatively optimistic. But to survive the rice noodle brand and rice noodle shop is not easy. Formal business model, excellent dining environment, excellent products, these three points are prepared, rice noodle shop is hard and soft and good, in order to better development, will allow more people to recognize!

[tens of thousands of dollars will be able to open up their own mother line shop]

if it is the beginning of the business, I suggest entrepreneurs to conduct small-scale business, in the course of the accumulation of experience, lessons and capital, reputation, and other conditions to consider the size of the expansion. Now some entrepreneurs in the absence of experience, just think bigger and stronger, but ultimately failed.

In fact,

mom shop does not need to choose a shopping district, as long as there is popularity, there are 20-30 square meters of the house can be. Mother vermicelli to join the funds do not need too much, a few million or so, is a real small business.

make full use of various channels to do propaganda, such as leaflets, some web forums, WeChat, network communication tools, these low-cost advertising although it is very hard to implement, but it is effective. For the operation of the mother line, to attract consumers is the first step, and the most critical is how to retain your customers a good rice noodle shop, should be the first product, service second.

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