Halogen three cooked food cooked in the mature brand


Halogen three cooked food cooked in the mature brand

cooked food is the best choice when you are eating dinner at home for the kind of dishes. You don't have the dish with rice is cooked or cooked well, your spare time for a sumptuous meal wonderful dishes. Open a deli, for now the social needs will be a good choice. Halogen three countries, where cooked food, many varieties, delicious and unique, has become a large number of diners can not refuse to taste the tongue, so that diners trust the brand. Join the deli where home is good, the more delicious brine upgrade wealth strength. What do the 2015 money, three quarter annual sales profit times halogen.

joined the deli good? In order to promote the culture of the Three Kingdoms three halogen tone technology to build the Cao shoe PA for the specialty, distinguished national first grade chef, with the crowd around the eating habits, after testing thousands of times, repeatedly adjust the formula from the previous 26 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines to 46 kinds of blending the smell of various ingredients, play, and rich in nutrients, and that does not add any pigment and preservatives, combining with the characters and allusions to the Three Kingdoms culture, to promote cultural tone, to create the Cao hoof PA for the specialty, Liu Bei, Zhang Fei and other old hen meat dishes as PigHead three those 100th years of cultural brand mission, leading the national food trend, the pursuit of a more brilliant future!

three customers use unified brand and halogen store design headquarters, 100 stores as a representation; the rich features of delicacy, delicious, leisurely novelty, other predators all praise wow; quality specification and thoughtful service, let customers look comfortable, to buy the rest assured, happy eating.

which restaurant to join the three - halogen headquarters to provide customers with a full range of support and services, from the site, store layout, from the production of equipment to a full set of technical training. From the management to the marketing strategy, and advertising support, the subsequent salvage technology, on-site technical guidance of marketing business, the regular tour guides, a home, a support, at the same time must be a success, let customers easily when the boss happy to make money


cooked food, food market in China has a history of thousands of years, has always been the temptation of diners can not refuse, but in the cooked food market, there are few mature big brands. Today, the three heavy hit, has a mature operating experience, has helped a large number of entrepreneurs to find the intersection of wealth, and now the quality of business opportunities in front of you. Want to get rich friends, to join hands with them to build a future gold color, open wealth avenue.

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