Standardized operation of retail business is more popular


Standardized operation of retail business is more popular

for a long time, the retail industry does not have a standardized management, the operation of each shop is also showing a variety of States, and with the development of the times, the industry has begun to pay more attention to the standardization of management. Standardized management can bring a lot of convenience to the retail life, reduce unnecessary trouble. With the development of the times, a number of props can help regulate the retail business has emerged, adding a touch of beauty for the retail life.

Autopass retail terminal sales


Since joining the

EZ retail terminal system, each of the smoke flow are original records, cigarette store daily operation data at a glance. You can clearly check the number of cigarettes sold per day, the brand and the amount of profit. For the history of cigarette sales data query is also very clear, can be more clear that those brands are more popular. Every time you set aside the smoke also eliminates the trouble of cleaning up inventory, so that the store inventory is more reasonable.

just started to join the ETS retail terminal, not leak scan code scan code is wrong. Customer manager often call to tell, today's scan code upload unsuccessful. I always remember to be negligent sweep yards, however the client manager screenshot pass confirm to me when he felt wrong. The client manager reminded me that I should put a label on the side of the computer to remind me of the success of each scan. This method is very effective, as long as sitting in front of the computer, a glance to see the label tips. Habits into nature, in the days after the sweep of the basic code to sell cigarettes every day there will be no leakage sweep, wrong sweep phenomenon.

to this end, the tobacco industry to encourage retailers to adhere to sweep code sales, from time to time to give some small prizes to show awards. Lighters, towels, etc., these items are small, but it allows the retail business can be more conscious of the standardized operation. The standardized operation of data, retailers will not blindly stockpile, the cigarette will not cause the backlog, store capital flows more smoothly.

in cigarette booking more convenient


in, let the retailer ordered more convenient cigarette. Just opened a shop to buy cigarettes, each cigarette is ordered by telephone. On the day of the cigarette, can not leave the phone, for fear of an inattentive, the phone came in no one answered, resulting in the cigarette can not be ordered. If you can not remember clearly, there will be a wrong order, missed the situation. The second is the cigarette when delivered cash, let the courier also complain incessantly if negligence, and may also appear miscalculation hutuzhang funds.

with the popularity of the network, with the rapid development of information era, new business online ordering telephone mode instead of the traditional cigarette cigarette ordering. Each cigarette order can be carried out within the specified time, the order of cigarettes can also be based on the actual needs of the modified orders. Because it is online

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