Two words for you to solve the mystery of getting rich


Two words for you to solve the mystery of getting rich

Buddhist said, there must be a house. This sentence is valid in any place. In the pursuit of wealth today, we can also refer to this point, to get more wealth. So we just need to do one thing, this thing, it is now more and more people are doing things. It is also a thing that most people are afraid to do, although they can bring money and wealth to anyone. What is this thing?

JohnD.Rockefeller (Rockefeller, the United States, "oil king") when the child is the practice of this matter. He became a billionaire.
AndrewCarnegie (Carnegie, the United States, "iron king") also do. He became a world-famous tycoon.

give to those who help you in touch with your inner world of people.
giving to those who inspire you, serve you, for you, love your people.

1924, JohnD.Rockefeller wrote to his son to explain his behavior on giving money. He wrote: "since I was a child, as long as I get the money, it will be given out; with the increase in my income, I also increase my generosity".

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