Mid Autumn Festival to sell what to make money


Mid Autumn Festival to sell what to make money

time is coming to the Mid Autumn Festival in 2016, as the two major festivals, businesses who have a good grasp, will be able to earn unlimited wealth. So, the Mid Autumn Festival to sell what to make money: into the point of the national day of things to sell ah, such as the small national flag with the national emblem, the cost is small, large sales!

Mid Autumn Festival to sell anything to make money: moon cake

Low price

supermarket similarly, in the village store, moon cake gift box price is basically concentrated in the 129~269 yuan; and weiduomei stores four moon cake box concentrated in the 158~288 yuan, 300 yuan more than the gift of no sales.

astronomical moon cake less, prices tend to civilians. The moon cake market although less in profits space, but the moon as the "Mid Autumn Festival, the standard in the field of business, the people's consumption areas still have a fixed market, moon cake manufacturers have also begun to deploy transformation, can foresee the future, moon cake market will slowly return to healthy and stable development.

Mid Autumn Festival to sell anything to make money: gift market

with the gradual increase of people's spending power, gift also with the Chinese consumers into all areas of life. The total Chinese gift market has exceeded 200 billion yuan, a huge market opportunity to attract the China gift manufacturing enterprises, create their own gifts around the brand, launched to meet the market demand is also different from others and creative gifts. At the same time, ordinary consumer goods companies are also during the festival, launched a gift package, hoping to achieve double sales and profits during the holiday season.

Mid Autumn Festival to sell anything to make money: sell umbrellas

although the National Day holiday is longer, but it is also the rainy season. So you can make money selling umbrellas.

Mid Autumn Festival to sell anything to make money: Painted doll


project is a small business products made with white abrasive plaster for customers. More and more parks and squares. Kids use brushes and paints, reference samples or your imagination, in a variety of shapes like tofo cartoon plaster painted the color of his love. This kind of leisure activities to cultivate children's ability to match color and creative imagination, by the children and parents welcome.

features DIY, huge demand: the use of high-quality abrasives, gypsum produced more refined, rich varieties. Has a unique DIY experience features, strong attraction for children. Especially in the summer, has a very broad market.

small investment, high profit: join only 6000 - 9000 yuan. >

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