Returnees entrepreneurship is the most difficult to read the financing by how to solve it


Returnees entrepreneurship is the most difficult to read the financing by how to solve it

Although the

policy to overseas returnees have brought good entrepreneurial environment, returnees have technical advantages, but they to the domestic environment is strange, with a short board, on the financing so those returnees entrepreneurs how to solve the problem of financing?

"at present, China's economic boom has begun to enter entrepreneurship and innovation." February 22nd, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Secretary Zhang Mao at the State Council press conference, said such a sentence. Zhang Mao said that China's human capital into the harvest period, returnees talent, corporate elite contains great creativity. However, many returnees have been stumped financing problems.

"homogeneous products too much, it is difficult to competitive differentiation. To the late, the funds can not keep up". By the end of 2014, Xu Wei returned from the United states. In 2015, he tried his business, he invested 2 million, 5 million   the angel round of financing, although initially financing situation better than expected, but the project launched 6 months,   O2O; under the mode of profit is difficult, because it is difficult to continue financing to the final project shut down.

returned from the British Lu Michael is now engaged in the education of entrepreneurship. He said with a smile: "I have been troubled by the problem of financing, investment is not a time to talk about. Originally negotiated 5 million yuan, may change at any time, may become a $2 million."

"before the expected, some discrepancies and their imagination was found but the real business". Xu Wei is a 04 graduate of Tsinghua University, majoring in Computer Science in Ohio State University. He had two entrepreneurial experiences in the United states. At first, he failed in the field of hand travel venture.

, he founded a Korean cosmetics business platform, to serve the Chinese students, and has achieved some success. Cosmetics industry has a certain threshold, my partner is very aware of cosmetics, we occupy the dominant position to a certain extent. Entrepreneurship requires knowledgeable recommendation

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