Second hand wedding supplies store market to make money quickly


Second hand wedding supplies store market to make money quickly

second-hand business opportunities are now reflected in the various markets, however, very few people will combine this opportunity with our wedding market, but the market is indeed a huge business opportunities. Wedding, wedding shoes, bridal accessories...... Li Dangang made this business earned a total of 200 dollars, this is her this month made the twentieth online transactions. In the online use of second-hand wedding supplies store less than half a year, Li Dan has earned tens of thousands of dollars.

sell wedding dresses online shop

filed his own online shop experience, Li Dan said, if not to sell their own wedding, there is no such a shop. In April this year after their marriage, found that the original favorite wedding dresses, wedding shoes supporting completed the historical mission". Often buy things on the Internet she thought, do not know the wedding can sell online, hang in the Taobao online try, did not expect to hang out a few days there is the right buyer, but the price is only 100 yuan cheaper than to buy.

later Li Dan in the Internet to help a friend to sell a few sets of wedding dress, because only once through the wedding, so the price is more appropriate to sell, so that Li Dan started his own online shop. In Li Dan's second wedding supplies store on the web page, we see that much cheaper than the market to sell. Li Dan said, do not look cheap, a little profit.

cheap new rational consumption

next year, Liu Shanshan married on the wedding site, now she has collected a lot of good things to marry. Shan Shan said, before many friends are married to rent clothes from the wedding dress shop, several sets of clothes prices at least one thousand, and dress out soon have to pay back, sometimes spend so much money to rent does not fit, there is so much money can buy down.

in his wedding, Shan Shan to wear their own wedding dress and, although others also through, but once. Besides, marriage can be so sure, save a lot of cost.

wear on sale to stimulate the wedding market

reporter found in many websites, the sale of second-hand bridal does have a lot of information, except as a special shop like Li Dan and many of them are just getting married put these things are selling the. Insiders said that next year is the Olympic year, the couple married very much, a lot of wedding supplies prices are rising, which brings opportunities to the wedding market. Some wedding supplies stores, wedding companies on the Internet issued a recovery of wedding information, agents of such services. Due to the fixed consumer groups, especially for some online shops, this feature will open up a certain sales channels.

it can be seen that this

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