Happy ranch buffet restaurant to join the cost


Happy ranch buffet restaurant to join the cost

in China's food and beverage market, what kind of projects are likely to exist, no matter what kind of projects are likely to become hot food brands. Not to mention the next to recommend to everyone with the characteristics of the family name of the restaurant brand - Happy ranch

happy ranch cafeteria is small catering for another 80 well-known brands, the effort to build a group of 90. The restaurant has the joy of fashion, through self-service broil, rinse the way, to provide consumers with hundreds of food choices, can also Hot pot revel11, barbecue buffet, also can drink, happy ranch cafeteria is becoming a new choice for friends and family gatherings, a blend of eastern and Western food culture. Here you can enjoy.

's small joy ranch as the characteristic brand, inherit and carry forward the small delicacy "green, nutrition and health" product concept, at the same time, Western-style food into the self-service delicacy form, to be bright and colorful decoration style, joy and fresh environment, y meet the individual needs of young people for dinner.

fresh and tender meat, delicious barbecue, tempting snacks, drink with friends and enjoy the joy of sharing. "Happy" has become the theme of the dining experience, so that every visitor.

after years of experience accumulation and precipitation, small catering chain corporation established a rich management experience in chain restaurant management team, team members can grow together with the excellent small brand founding employees, has been in the overseas listing of transnational catering chain and catering chain enterprises at home and abroad a veteran in battle every field of occupation manager. Through hundreds of restaurant experience, small restaurant chain management team has formed a strong fighting force, is the efficient operation of corporate marketing, training and development, product development, quality control, operation management, development, construction, the new restaurant to join the development of logistics and procurement, IT, information, human resources and finance departments to to achieve corporate vision through diligence.

happy ranch buffet fee

join advantage

1, uniqueness

restaurant chain only one has the whole industry chain

barbecue buffet buffet restaurant nationwide leading

2, the company has many years experience in hot pot barbecue chain

brand awareness and preference

years experience in food chain operation

on the market and consumption

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