Discount promotions can have what way


Discount promotions can have what way

promotion for the current operation of the store can be said to be a very useful means, and in multiple promotions, discount promotions are also sought after by many people. So, discount promotions can have what way? General at the appropriate time, such as festivals, season and other discount below the normal commodity price the price of goods sold, enable consumers to obtain affordable.

(1): set the special offer is to set a regional or a display at the store, special offer commodity sales. A particular item is usually a large number of goods sold in the quarter, or too much stock, or a commodity that is too soon to be maintained, or a damaged commodity. Note that you cannot put some fish, the deterioration and damage of goods sold to customers, otherwise, will cause customer dissatisfaction, even by customer complaints.

(2) Festival, Shusue Ooyumegumi: in the new store opening, holidays or weekends, will be part of the sale of goods in order to attract customers to buy.

(3) discount card discount: that is, to give customers or sell discount card. Customers in the store shopping, with the hands of the discount card can enjoy a special discount. Card send objects can be selected by the shop famous people, also can be to shop shopping number or number of VIP, selling discount card range is generally not set, this promotion purpose is to expand the customer base.

(4) bulk price discount: FCL, the whole package, consumers or the whole barrel of large quantities of the purchase of goods, to give price concessions. This method is generally used in high turnover frequency of food and daily necessities, can increase the number of customers a one-time purchase of goods.

is a discount promotion, but the choice of different ways, the time and the customer will be different. So, if you want to use discount promotions, but also need to choose the discount method, so that it will really play a role in the promotion of business operators to create greater benefits.

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