A spice and food store if there is a profit


A spice and food store if there is a profit


diet is an important part of Chinese culture, with the improvement of living standards, only a variety of diet to meet the needs of a chowhound, home fragrance food store in the department store, to ensure your lucrative, easy money!


: Investment Evaluation

A, is rent and renovation costs, according to the decoration of mid-range calculation, about 3500-4000 yuan, the monthly rent (with 20 square meters with about 2000 yuan).

three, is buying spices and food costs, the purchase fee of about 600-800 yuan.

four, is miscellaneous expenses, including the license fee of about 300 yuan, transportation, utilities, about 800 yuan.

Business management:

(3) can employ some beautiful girl as a waiter, in order to attract more young people to eat.


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