What are the business business mistakes


What are the business business mistakes

online venture is a lot of investors like a way of entrepreneurship, especially now the development of the Internet, online shopping has become a very popular form of consumer spending, how to carry out online business? Low cost and low risk of Entrepreneurship, however, the is also the existence of errors in the business, the following, to tell you what the errors in the business, teach you how to start the .

the first error: do not do any other foxnut. The online business success stories of various legendary taste temptation, Internet entrepreneurs often extremely arrogant, a small software, ideas, concepts or point of sale experience, immediately pull pole venture, dreaming to put Gaitsla down! The dream is not wrong, but we must see clearly their own actual conditions, the business as a blind cat dead mouse era, any one of the pioneering projects to the market, to examine their opponents, finally and team. How to carry out entrepreneurship? For example, think about the concept of e-commerce to do your market there? How much do you know about the Internet and e-commerce? How many outstanding elite in the entrepreneurial team? If it starts with a strong capital for learning, natural matter! Or do the head will let you pay a painful price!

second errors: small horse cart. Business does not have a target, do what business, as long as the money, what products are agents, agents, sales, R & D and comprehensive development, in fact, products and services, each with a different experience, risk and market characteristics, more interdependent development until the figure session, affect the company in the customer impression.

third errors: excessive investment in technology. Now the Internet business, technical content is no longer absolute barriers, especially technical personnel do not believe advertising, technical personnel China, almost all the features of arrogance, even a web production staff that they are engineers, will write a small software is even more incredible! If I accidentally encountered a technical master buried, put down to software applications and business, technology development is more difficult than! How to carry out entrepreneurship? Therefore, the initial stage of the , we must learn to fine.

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