Tim Juyuan taste fast food is probably the number of nvestment Funds


Tim Juyuan taste fast food is probably the number of nvestment Funds

Chinese in the fast food industry, Chinese and Western snack form has the whole It is often seen., catering to the mass consumer demand, and in this form of food and beverage Tim source taste is a good very fast food franchise brand favored by investors.

"Tim source taste" is an original "Chinese and Western delicacy steamed goods juice grill" restaurant chain, with a clear development goals, broad market prospects and strict management system, in recent years, the rapid rise in Dongguan City Land and expansion of the catering industry well-known brands.

since March 9, 2004, adhering to the "fresh and healthy" business philosophy, the essence Western-style food taste with Chinese food, health, diet health concept, with "all kinds of Chinese food, stewing Steak", with delicious snacks, attractive fresh vegetables, fresh juice, hot and cold alone for good drink, sandwichs punch so, the innovation quickly became the leader of the local food culture industry in Western fast food.

company now has more than and 50 branches throughout the towns of Dongguan District, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other Pearl River Delta region. The company will be based on the local, with Dongguan as the core, in the catering industry to cover the country with a strong momentum of the region, its unique business model has become the focus of the rapid development of the source of Tim poly source.

There are many factors that affect the amount of investment in the

, not only to take into account their own investment capacity, but also to take into account the economic environment, etc.. Tim poly source flavor investment costs are first tier cities (to Beijing as an example) 420 thousand and 400 yuan, second tier cities (in Hangzhou as an example) $311 thousand, the city of three lines (in Urumqi as an example). We can judge according to their own situation, to see if they have so much money.

if you have the conditions to join such a fast-food restaurant, and join the idea, or you want to know more, then please give us on our website below; see the message after message we will contact you in the first time.

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