Beijing joint multiple departments together to clean the housing information website


Beijing joint multiple departments together to clean the housing information website

in the hearts of many people, people want to be able to buy their own satisfaction with the house, there are a lot of people rely on intermediaries. The Beijing Municipal Construction Committee, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau, City Information Office jointly interviewed a chain of home, I love my home , real world , lovehouse Kyrgyzstan , home , Sina Locke , a of real estate, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent real estate of real estate , Ganji, 58 city, real, live off a lot of McCain, home , a good house China 15 issued housing information website, put forward the specification requirements of the website issued false information, illegal agents and real estate brokerage business and other illegal acts, the site must be in 12 days before 24 to remove obvious illegal information listings.

for illegal housing information, the Municipal Construction Committee proposed self rectification requirements, the requirements of the site to release information on the housing to be reviewed, in April 12th before the withdrawal of 24 obvious violations of information listings.

If the

contains "appreciation potential", "commercial dual-use", "school district room", "buy a layer" and "cash Shoufang" false propaganda words housing information. At the same time, the site in strict accordance with the "real estate broker management approach" the provisions of article fourteenth, publish listings must be issued to the real estate brokerage company shall publish the name, the "independent broker" individual name, must remove all violations issued by the housing sales, housing rental information.

Municipal Construction Committee at the same time, the website of the release of the housing information of the real estate brokerage firm, to verify the business license, the record, shall not provide information for the verification of real estate brokerage business. Before hanging on the site, not in the name of the name of the brokerage company released listings, but also must do undo processing. Specializing in real estate brokerage business website, but also must apply for business license and the record, law-abiding business. Each site should be equipped with a person in charge, with the law enforcement authorities to investigate the website released suspicious listings information.

thorough investigation of this action, to bring more convenience to people, and more real information allows people to choose their own house. Beijing City letter office requirements, access to Internet information services are not allowed to engage in the site is not allowed to engage in Internet information services. Access to Internet information service license website for political news information can only be reproduced, shall not engage in their own editing. The website shall not publish false information, but not by publishing rumors, the title of the party and other acts to mislead users.

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