2017 Chinese wood furniture ten brands list the whole


2017 Chinese wood furniture ten brands list the whole

solid wood furniture performance is good, not easy to bleaching, many people will choose wood furniture in the choice of the above furniture often make the products are very popular in the decoration industry with the following small as you announced the 2017 China wood furniture ten brands list, solid wood furniture which brand is good.

1. Huafeng furniture

2. Federation LANDBOND

3. double leaf SHUANGYE

double "brand belonging to Futaba Furniture Industrial Co. Ltd.," double "brand solid wood furniture in September 2006 by the State General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine Chinese named brand products, by the State Ministry of finance, the State Environmental Protection Administration recommended for government office supplies designated procurement units. On the list of 2017 China's top ten brands of solid wood furniture. Double leaf Furniture Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in July 8, 1995. Is a professional design and production of modern large-scale enterprises of solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture manufacturing industry is the largest base of more than and 300 domestic and overseas sales outlets located in Germany, and the establishment of radar Weedon Brad Futaba (Holdings) Limited, the establishment of German furniture Futaba in Vancouver Canada (Vancouver) Industrial Co., ltd..

4. day home HUARI

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