Coffee stores to join what skills need to master


Coffee stores to join what skills need to master

As a kind of fashionable drinks coffee

, now in life is very popular, and some coffee shops in the market, the business is very hot, in the coffee shop business, should pay attention to what, to be able to better their coffee stores


and plan to do everything in good order and well arranged. Coffee Stores operators to make sales plan, merchandise planning, procurement planning, promotion planning, human resource planning, budget and financial plans seven in the monthly plan, make the reasonable plan for coffee stores business needs in manpower, material and financial resources, and then distributed to the various functional departments to implement. And check the implementation and the implementation of the plan.

The ability of

four, coffee stores managers must have good ability of organization and management, division of labor and management on the reasonable coffee shop coffee in the people and things, make coffee within the franchise store can work orderly. Coffee stores managers for the organization function mainly includes the selection, the establishment of employee responsibilities allocation and supervision, regulation and improvement, personnel training and incentive, the reasonable allocation of staff and so on.

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