Automotive beauty industry makes you rich


Automotive beauty industry makes you rich

with the continuous development of society, the continuous improvement of our living standards, the car in our lives, has become a very important means of transport. Moreover, the development of automotive beauty is also very rapid. Entrepreneurial choice to join the cause of automotive beauty, is a very powerful brand to join the project selection!

join car beauty?

car beauty shop profit? How much to beat the cost of investment? How to open a car beauty shop? There are statistics show that now the number of cars in China reached 17 million. In Shanghai and other large and medium-sized cities, the share of private cars has reached 12%, and an annual rate of increase of 20%. Analysis of the industry, the next 20 years, China will become the world's largest car market. Now more than 60% of China's private car owners have to make cars outside beauty protection habits; private car owners start low level 30% or higher to form a car beauty protection idea; more than 30% of the common senior car punctual external beauty protection; more than 50% private car owners willing to grasp the fundamental skills of since a car beauty and protection. Only in Guangzhou, in 2004 the number of car ownership has reached more than 620 thousand. As the car beauty care, a car 3000 yuan to accounting in accordance with more than 80% private car owners, car beauty occupation and all the shopping malls in Guangzhou will exceed 1 billion. According to industry analysis, the huge market demand for the city's car beauty chain stores to provide a greater profit space.

car beauty? For business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very potential to join the brand project selection. In fact, in the market, choose to enter the cause of automotive beauty, but also a very profitable career choice. So, what are you hesitating about? Hurry up!

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