How to join the project of Chinese stone Shangju


How to join the project of Chinese stone Shangju


is a very strange creature, of course, as a member of the human, we will not understand our own love, like something very retro type we will, for example food and beverage brands in dolsotbap.

in ten thousand 5000 years ago in the Stone Age Stone cooking food, then Shangju in stone mining folk stone cooking skills on the basis of the traditional cooking technology, stone fusion of eastern and Western cooking techniques, taking the essence of food, in combination with the subjects of modern thermodynamics theory together with the creative era, the successful launch of a new model of innovative catering. It is noted for its extensive use of natural ingredients and exquisite natural flavor; with Chinese love nature, pay attention to the concept of health to make a connection of a way of keeping good health. The original stone will Shangju long original stone culture and modern catering fashion exquisite fusion, to achieve the perfect combination of modern and traditional food consumption. If there is China eight cuisine, so Shangju original stone stone rice, is China ninth cuisine.

"Shangju stone" natural stone pot, from the depths of the mountains of natural stone processing, the human body contains a variety of beneficial trace elements and minerals, but can improve the immunity of the human body, and can strengthen the human body, natural stone pot, resistant to high temperature of 2000 DEG C, with fast heat, non stick pan, nondiscolouring the advantages of using a special oven stone pot heated to 300-400 DEG C and then use the stone pot containing the heat to produce food in the baking process, moderate release far infrared ray, can make food from destruction, keep the food inside the water and food softness. Excellent thermal properties, with a natural insulation effect. Is now fashionable health and environmental protection cooking tableware.

stone Shangju with Chinese taste, fast food products, Western-style food eating patterns, with the fast pace of modern life, saves the meal time at the same time, it also can promote the health. In color, flavor, taste is a must, by going to consumers.

entered the market after the stone Shangju Chinese, we chose a number of large logistics enterprises in China, to provide quality and efficient services to the franchisee. And commitment to any city in China, to ensure that customers receive goods within seven days. Headquarters will assist all franchisees to store address selection, will send a professional manager field visits, while the building, shopping district, the customer survey, after the comprehensive evaluation of the site for reference. Such a good project, will certainly be more profitable after joining.

if you think this stone Shangju brands have their own brand characteristics, and want to join the idea, please message in our website below, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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