During the Spring Festival in Shanghai to ensure food safety net


During the Spring Festival in Shanghai to ensure food safety net

spend money in daily life can not buy healthy food, with the major media exposure, we have become accustomed to. But to ensure food safety, still need to increase the intensity of supervision! 17 pm at the Shanghai City, the five meeting of the fourteen NPC second plenary meeting, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Yanqun bell made on the "Shanghai Food Safety Ordinance (Draft)" description. This is called the history of the most stringent food safety regulations what highlights deserve attention? Let's see what the delegates say.

Shanghai Municipal People's Congress Xu Liping believes that food safety is facing new situations and new problems to be solved. For example, in aquatic products breeding water with drug residues, water source product traceability; food safety in the "Internet plus" third party platform monitoring difficult.

Xu Liping on behalf of the proposal to strengthen research and investment in science and technology, to explore the traceability system of fresh aquatic products, the implementation of convenient and efficient fast testing equipment, enhance the ability to identify and control risks. In addition, to further strengthen the guidance and supervision of the third party platform. Further play the role of the third parties in the community and social forces to jointly explore the new model of food regulation.

Shanghai people's Congress Jiang Xiaoqing told reporters that the Shanghai food bill a total of 108, a large amount, but also more comprehensive coverage of food production and sales of the entire process of security issues. And one of the biggest bright spot, is the food vendors and ordering also include. "I think these two pieces of food production safety is the latest development in the face of the problem, but also the problems brought about by the new changes."

reporter, the Shanghai society of edible agricultural products, food , small workshops small vendors of small restaurants and other safety supervision issues into the "Shanghai Food Safety Ordinance (Draft)" revision, revision rate of 93.8%.

some time ago, undocumented, scallion cake, dream Street wonton "alley delicacy" sparked a lot of controversy. Many representatives believe that people's dietary needs in terms of food vendors are very popular, but at the same time stalls also bring trouble to urban management, especially in the presence of considerable potential food safety. In the revised Ordinance, by way of filing temporary food vendors will be included in the regulation, whether it is from the management point of view or from the legislative point of view, is a recognized means of relief, taking into account the public for these small vendors and demand for food safety risk prevention and control.

Shanghai Municipal People's Congress Zhang Yayu had done a lot of research, she thinks the barbecue shop there are food safety hazards, or purchase channels are not standardized, or unlicensed; some small shops near the school is not the main business of food sales, but the students fried sausage and chicken and other food, no recommendation

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