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Soul Train Aims For Broadway

first_imgThe “hippest trip in America” could become the hippest trip on the Great White Way! Broadway producer Matthew Weaver (Rock of Ages) has acquired the stage rights to Soul Train, the groundbreaking musical variety TV show. Weaver is in talks with film and theater names to join the creative team. Further details will be announced in due course. View Comments “We are putting together a top notch team of artists to ensure Soul Train is the hippest trip on Broadway,” Weaver said in a statement. “We want to thrill the audiences who loved the TV show and introduce the incredible music and style of Soul Train to a new generation.”center_img Soul Train, created by the late Don Cornelius, is the longest running first-run, nationally syndicated music program in TV history. The show featured performances by R&B, pop, soul, hip hop, funk, jazz, disco and gospel artists and highlighted a diverse cast of dancers. It was reported in 2012 that Soul Train Holdings LLC, owned by NBA legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson, had been trying to mount the TV franchise on Broadway. Weaver bought the theatrical rights from the company.last_img read more


Last Year’s Nominees Offer Advice to the New Crop of Tony Hopefuls

first_img What’s your best advice for this year’s nominees? BILLY: Enjoy the ride! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. STEPHANIE: This year’s nominees certainly don’t need my advice on award ceremonies. Have you seen the list of Leading Ladies in a Musical this year? They’re old pros, each and everyone of them. SHALITA: Hey, last year was a blast for me because I had never been nominated, and it was my first time on Broadway. So, I really didn’t have anything to lose. Just have fun! LAURA: Breathe, show up and try to enjoy it. It will be crazy and demanding, but exciting and so very special. What do you wish you had brought to the Tony ceremony? BILLY: I wish I could have brought my mother as my date. Unfortunately, she’s in a wheelchair and I knew I wouldn’t be able to focus on attending to her needs. STEPHANIE: I wish I had brought a larger evening bag to stuff a few hard candies and a small deodorant. (It’s pretty hot and sweaty on the red carpet, and not in a good way!) SHALITA: A fan! It was sooooo hot! LAURA: A granola bar or some fruit snacks or something for all that stress and adrenaline…and not eating from 2PM to 11PM. What did you bring to the ceremony that was invaluable? BILLY: My support system. My angels, my sister, my mentor/patron Suzi Dietz and my manager of 23 years, Bill Butler. STEPHANIE: I brought my husband, Sebastian, and his calm and care were invaluable to me amongst the excitement and chaos. SHALITA: Beef jerky—smartest thing I did that night! LAURA: My clutch literally was too small to carry anything I didn’t NEED. Congrats to all of the 2014 Tony nominees! Has it sunk in yet? Has your phone stopped ringing for even one second? Are you still in your jammies? That’s OK. It’s never too early to get some good advice from people who went through the circus of awards season last year. Here’s some helpful hints from Billy Porter, Stephanie J. Block, Shalita Grant and Laura Osnes.  What should one do right before his or her name is called? BILLY: BREATHE! STEPHANIE: Right before your name/category is announced ask your date to quickly check your face, teeth, etc…making sure all are clean and free of schmutz! SHALITA: Smile. LAURA: Lip gloss check, of course. A Tony nominee should always… BILLY: Honor the moment and write a speech. You have a one in five chance. Don’t get up there lookin’ like Boo Boo The Clown! STEPHANIE: Always think of every member of your cast, crew, creative and producing team while going through the whole awards season. We’re only there because of what was created together. Also, have a lot of flattering dresses (or suits) readily available. SHALITA: Bring powder to interviews. LAURA: Remember to be grateful during Tony season. View Comments A Tony nominee should never… BILLY: NOT prepare a speech. STEPHANIE: Speak about shows they have yet to see. You will be caught in the fib. Whoops! SHALITA: Be unprepared. LAURA: Publicly show the exhaustion and sickness you are undoubtedly going through during Tony season. What’s the question you were asked the most during Tony season? BILLY: “Who is styling you?” I styled myself. STEPHANIE: I was asked how it felt to “finally be a TONY nominee.” I grew to love the usage of the word “finally”—It somehow felt like a badge of honor. SHALITA: “How does it feel?” LAURA: “Where were you/how did you find out you were nominated?”last_img read more


Odds & Ends: Julie Andrews’ Children’s Series Looks Delightful & More

first_imgBrian d’Arcy James Set for Unabomber ThrillerBrian d’Arcy James will appear in the upcoming Discovery Channel drama Manhunt: The UNABOMer, chronicling the hunt for American terrorist Ted Kacynski in the early ‘90s. According to Deadline, the Tony nominee will play Henry Murray, Kacyznski’s professor at Harvard who had his students participate in CIA-controlled experiments that are considered the ultimate root of Kacynski’s crimes. The series, which will also star Paul Bettany, Sam Worthington, Trieste Kelly Dunn and Elizabeth Reaser, will premiere later this year.Tony Nominee Alec McCowen Dies at 91Alec McCowen, a British actor who appeared on both the London and Broadway stage, died at the age of 91 on February 6. His death was confirmed to The New York Times by his nephew, Rev. Nigel Mumford. While most audiences knew him for his film roles, including James Bond’s weapons developer Q in Never Say Never Again, McCowen frequently starred on stage, including Tony-nominated turns in St. Mark’s Gospel, The Philanthropist and Hadrian VII. He last appeared on Broadway in the 1992 premiere of Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me.Christian Borle Boards Arturo Ui Benefit ReadingSave the date! Tony winner Christian Borle will headline Woodshed Collective’s 20/20 Reading Series presentation of Bertolt Brecht’s The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui. The benefit reading will take place on February 20 at Judson Memorial Church. Proceeds will go to the Southern Poverty Law Center. For more information and tickets, click here. It promises to be a decidedly different evening than what audiences can expect in his next Broadway stint: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Here’s a quick roundup of stories you may have missed today.Julie Andrews Will Teach You About Art, KidsThere is no shame if you fully intend to watch this as a grown adult; we’re not here to judge. Julie’s Greenroom, stage and screen legend Julie Andrews’ Muppet-infused children’s series, is set to premiere on Netflix on March 17. The show will encourage kids to celebrate and participate in the performing arts. Take a look at the trailer below, which features appearances by loads of Broadway favorites, including Idina Menzel, The Great Comet’s Josh Groban, Tituss Burgess, Andrews’ bestie Carol Burnett and more. View Commentscenter_img ‘Julie’s Greenroom'(Photo: Ali Goldstein/Netflix)last_img read more


Trump is in fantasyland and top Republicans won’t challenge him, because ‘We need his voters’

first_imgCramer is making the bet that if he calls for “a peaceful transition,” the media will treat him as a reasonable and responsible public figure even as he lies about the prevalence of fraud and backs Trump’s continuing legal challenges—challenges that are, let’s be clear, not “appropriate.”According to Senate Majority Whip John Thune, Biden should get classified briefings because “I think that it probably makes sense to prepare for all contingencies.” Sen. Shelley Moore Capito is hoping Trump’s legal challenges end “inside a week or so.” But on Wednesday, Thune got to the heart of Republican reticence to challenge Trump, saying “We need his voters.”- Advertisement – – Advertisement – But that kind of hinting is about all these profiles in courage are willing to do. Trump, meanwhile, is bouncing from one self-serving fantasy to another without regard for how it will affect the nation—and while he fantasizes, he has pretty much quit doing the job of president, to the extent he ever did it. Trump is, of course, watching lots of television and tweeting out lies in all caps, while, Maggie Haberman reports, he “has insisted to aides that he really defeated Joseph R. Biden Jr. on Nov. 3, but it is unclear whether he actually believes it.” Advisers have reportedly tried to tell him he lost and won’t be able to overturn the election, but Trump keeps coming up with new ideas for trying to do so, even as he also talks about running in 2024 (which means admitting he lost in 2020) or building his own right-wing media empire (which, ditto). But Trump keeps coming back to his attempts to at least undermine the results of the election if he can’t overturn it.Georgia is supposed to certify its results on November 20, Michigan and Pennsylvania do so on November 23, Arizona on November 30, and Wisconsin on December 1. Trump looks set to keep trying to attack the results in several of those states, Senate Republicans have made clear they won’t oppose him doing so, and every one of those states has Republicans in positions that could allow them to attempt to overturn the will of the voters. Democracy is not out of the woods yet, in other words, despite President-elect Biden’s clear and convincing victory.- Advertisement –last_img read more


The tender trap

first_imgON FEBRUARY 12 Netherlands Transport Minister Annemarie Jorritsma rejected the concept of open competition for passengers on the national network until at least 2000 unless ’something extra is offered which would add value to existing services.’ She threw out an application by Lovers Rail to run rival services from Amsterdam to Hilversum and Rotterdam. But Lovers will be able to operate an hourly Keukenhof Express between Amsterdam and Leiden via Haarlem to serve the tulip exhibition at Lisse next month. After reviewing the 30 routes identified by NS as unprofitable, she has agreed to the closure of Almelo – Marilast_img read more


Top 400 Asset Managers 2017: BlackRock dominates inflows

first_imgAs a result, Amundi and Legal & General Investment Management came 11th and 12th, despite both breaking through the €1trn barrier.  With nearly €4.9trn of assets, BlackRock tops IPE’s Top 400 latest ranking of asset managers in terms of global assets under management (AUM).BlackRock’s market share was 7.7% of global assets at the end of 2016. The firm also recorded the highest inflows during the year, bringing in €192bn – nearly three times that of its nearest rival.Amundi Asset Management, AXA Investment Managers, Goldman Sachs Asset Management and JP Morgan Asset Management made up the rest of the top five for inflows during the year. The ranking of global managers is largely unchanged from last year, but Fidelity Investments entered the top 10, reporting €2.13trn of AUM and attaining fourth place, following a year in which it expanded its exchange-traded fund business. Source: IPETop 400 Asset Managers 2017: European institutional AUMBlackRock also topped the AUM ranking of managers of European institutional assets, with €912bn.Amundi climbed several places in the ranking to fifth place, reporting an AUM increase of nearly 15% to €309bn. The French asset manager was aided by its strong inflows as well as its acquisition of Pioneer Investments.Credit Suisse moved up to 10th place, reporting €215bn of assets managed on behalf of European institutional clients. Aberdeen Asset Management fell out of the top five, following a year of outflows. The survey does not reflect the recent merger deals involving Aberdeen and Standard Life Investments, or Janus and Henderson Global Investors.Leading asset managers ran €63.3trn of assets globally at the end of 2016 the Top 400 Asset Managers survey shows. Global assets grew 12% during 2016, in line with the previous year’s growth rate.Total assets managed on behalf of European institutional clients reached €8.9trn. European institutional assets grew 2.3% during 2016.For the full Top 400 Asset Managers Special Report, click here.For last year’s rankings, click here.center_img Source: IPETop 400 Asset Managers 2017: Inflows and outflowslast_img read more


Norway considers cull of all energy stocks – including renewables

first_imgAs much as NOK300bn (€30.8bn) could be divested from energy stocks by Norway’s giant sovereign wealth fund.The Norwegian Ministry of Finance has tasked a group of experts with reviewing whether the NOK8.1trn (€830bn) Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG)  should drop all energy stocks from its portfolio – including companies involved in renewable energy.It follows advice received in November from the fund’s manager, Norges Bank, to remove the oil and gas sector from the fund’s equity benchmark index.The bank argued that offloading the stocks would make the government’s overall wealth less vulnerable to a permanent drop in oil and gas prices, taking account not only of the GPFG’s investments but also the government’s stake in oil firm Statoil. Siv Jensen, Norway’s minister of finance, said: “The government seeks a broad basis for its decision. The issue must be thoroughly examined, as is the case for all important matters in the management of the GPFG.”The ministry said it wanted the expert group to consider divestment from FTSE Russell’s energy sector indices, which are to be adjusted at the end of this year as part of a wider overhaul of the company’s benchmarks. The sector includes alternative fuels and renewable energy equipment stocks, and from 1 January 2019 will also include coal companies.The GPFG currently invests roughly 4% of its portfolio in the sector, worth roughly NOK300bn.The ministry has also launched a public consultation on the issue, and has written to Norges Bank asking for additional information about the proposed divestment of the stocks.The group will be chaired by Øystein Thøgersen, professor and rector at NHH Norwegian School of Economics. Other members include Harald Magnus Andreassen, chief economist at Sparebank 1 Markets, and Olaug Svarva, the former chief executive of Folketrygdfondet, which manages the Nordic investment segment of the country’s sovereign wealth assets.In its letter to Norges Bank, the ministry said it wanted more information on some aspects on the advice already received, including the basis for recommending a larger deviation between the fund’s benchmark index and the investment universe.“In this way, the bank can continue to invest in companies in that sector, for example, within renewable energy, by deviating from the reference index within the given risk limits,” it wrote.The government aimed to conclude the matter this autumn, the ministry said.last_img read more


‘Transgender women aren’t women’ – Australian academic slams her critics

first_imgOneNewsNow 26 October 2015Australian academic Germaine Greer has defended her earlier comments on transgender women, saying that “it doesn’t make them (transgender women) a woman”.“I think people should be allowed to have the male to female procedure… all I’m saying is that it doesn’t make them a woman,” she said in an interview with BBC Newsnight.She also claims that “a great many women” who are not transgender think transgender women – who she refers to as “male to female transgender people” – do not “look like, sound like or behave like women”.Her comments have prompted an outburst, with critics saying she should “keep quiet” on the issue.Greer did say that she would be prepared to use female pronouns when referring to someone if that was their preference, “as a courtesy”.A petition has been launched asking Cardiff University to cancel a lecture by Germaine Greer, saying her views are “problematic” for transgender people. read more


Leising encourages ‘Community Crossing Grant’ participation

first_imgOldenburg, In. — The Indiana General Assembly passed legislation in 2016 to create a program to help cities, counties and towns across our state improve their roads and bridges – the Community Crossings Matching Grant Program.Through the program, the Indiana Department of Transportation matches up to $1 million when localities invest in road and bridge repairs. Counties with populations below 50,000 and cities and towns with populations below 10,000 receive a 75/25 percent match, while counties with populations greater than 50,000 and cities and towns with populations greater than 10,000 receive a 50/50 percent match.Monetary awards are based on need, traffic volume, local support and regional economic significance.Since 2016, the program has awarded Indiana communities across the state with $300 million to enhance roads and bridges.I encourage community leaders in Senate District 42 to learn more about this program and take advantage of the support it provides.Applications can be submitted beginning Monday, Aug. 6. The submission deadline is 5 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 28.To access an application, click here.last_img read more


Study: Cincinnati ranks as a top ‘Cold Destination’

first_imgBatesville, In. — The Old Farmers’ Almanac says winter temperatures will be above average and rainfall totals will exceed snow totals. With a favorable travel forecast in mind, WalletHub compared 70 of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States in 30 key areas to determine the “Best Cold Destinations” and the “Best Warm Destinations”.Cincinnati made the #4 spot for “cold” destinations. The closest ranked “warm” destination is Orlando, Florida- ranked #2.A link to the full report is here.last_img read more