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Bali rejects Timor Leste’s request to quarantine citizens

first_imgThe Bali provincial administration has rejected Timor Leste’s request to put 17 of its citizens who are due to be repatriated from China due to the novel coronavirus outbreak into quarantine on the island.The decision to reject the request was made during a meeting held by the administration on Monday.“The relevant parties in the province did not agree to grant the request; therefore, it’s difficult for us to accept it,” Bali Deputy Governor Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati said on Monday, as quoted by Tjokorda said the provincial administration had responded to the government’s policy by asking all Bali tourism stakeholders, including hotel management and travel agents, to collect data on Chinese tourists who were still in Bali. The restriction is expected to affect Chinese tourists who have arrived since Feb. 2 because the average length time of Chinese tourists visiting Bali stay is four days, he added.I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali would also follow the government’s restriction on people travelling from China. “We will suspend 164 of 247 regular flights from Bali to China,” airport spokesperson Arie Ahsanurrohim said, as quoted by ban, however, would not apply to 55 flights to Hong Kong and 28 to Taipei, he went on to say.The Indonesian Tour Guide Association (HPI) in Bali has reported that the viral outbreak has affected the island’s tourism as nearly 1,000 Chinese-speaking tour guides are currently unemployed.HPI Bali Chairman I Nyoman Nuarta said some 1,300 people acted as guides for Chinese tourists visiting the island, about 80 percent of these focused on serving tourists from mainland China.Some of the unemployed tour guides have switched to other work such as taxi driving and others have chosen to return to their hometowns, he said.“Hopefully, this won’t last too long and there will soon be certainty,” he added. (syk)Topics : He previously said Timor Leste had asked for Indonesian permits and assistance to quarantine 17 of its citizens in Bali. The request was made through the Indonesian Embassy in Dili.The decision was made based on considerations and input from several tourism stakeholders in Bali.It is also in line with Indonesia’s policy to restrict travel to visitors from China because of the outbreak, by suspending flights to and from all regions in mainland China. Foreign Minister Retno LP Marsudi said on Sunday that Indonesia would bar visitors who have been to China in the past 14 days. The ban will be effective starting Feb. 5.Read also: 10,000 Chinese tourists cancel trips to Bali over coronavirus fears: Travel grouplast_img read more


S. Korea’s Green Cross seeks phase 2 trials of COVID-19 plasma drug

first_imgThe firm, which was allowed to skip phase I trials, said its therapy would be the country’s first to enter phase II for COVID-19 plasma treatment.Its intravenously administered medicine, GC5131A, includes hyperimmune immunoglobins produced from processed antibodies in the plasma of recovered coronavirus patients.Green Cross has vowed to donate its locally made treatment to all COVID-19 patients in South Korea, where more than 1,000 recovered patients have come forward to donate plasma.In May, it joined several firms working on plasma-based therapies to develop a treatment for COVID-19 patients.The CoVIg-19 Plasma Alliance for immunoglobulin therapy includes Takeda Pharmaceutical, Biotest AG, CSL Behring, and Octapharma Plasma.Shares of Green Cross rose as much as 10% after the news but closed down 2.3%, lagging a rise of 0.3% in the broader market .  Topics : South Korea’s Green Cross Corp has sought regulatory approval for Phase II trials of an experimental COVID-19 blood plasma treatment drug, the company said on Wednesday, sending its shares up nearly 10%.Drugmakers worldwide are rushing to develop treatments for the coronavirus, which has killed more than 650,000 and infected more than 16 million since first emerging in China late last year.Green Cross said the clinical trial would review the safety and efficacy of the drug in 60 domestic patients in five hospitals.last_img read more


Bulgarian pension fund companies seek EIOPA support on measurement

first_imgThe Bulgarian Association of Supplementary Pension Security Companies (BASPSC) is to approach the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) to settle the association’s dispute with its regulator, the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC), over mandatory pension fund returns.According to the FSC, for 2004-14, the universal pension funds, which manage mandatory second-pillar contributions from the so-called ‘non-privileged’ workers, returned an inflation-adjusted negative return of 0.16%, while BASPSC reported a positive return of 0.48%.The discrepancies arise from the different methodologies used by the two parties.According to Miroslav Marinov, executive director of Pension Insurance Company “Doverie”, part of Vienna Insurance Group, the BASPSC deploys the money-weighted return (MWR) approach, which takes into account all inflows and outflows and their exact timing. Meanwhile, the FSC uses a simple time-weighted return (TWR), where the formula takes into account all investments accumulated since the beginning of the calculation period, irrespective of their length of time in the portfolio.Sofia Hristova, chief executive and chairman at Allianz Bulgaria Pension Company, said: “The TWR approach greatly amplifies the effect of inflation. The MWR is equivalent to the internal rate of return. It incorporates the size and the timing of cash flows by finding the rate of return that will set the present values of all cash flows and the terminal values equal to the value of the initial investment. Thus, it is an effective measure for returns on a portfolio.”The MWR is also the investment industry standard elsewhere in Bulgaria, being used by the CFA Society Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Association of Asset Management Companies and the Bulgarian Association of Licensed Investment Intermediaries.What galls the BASPSC is that, having explained the measurements to the FSC, the regulator then presented only its own, unflattering calculations to Parliament’s budget and finance committee.The discrepancies are among the issues being discussed by the ad-hoc committee overwhelmingly voted through on 17 February at an extraordinary parliamentary session.The cross-party committee has a month to report on the financial status, supervision, regulatory compliance and legal shortfalls in the system.The FSC, for its part, has unveiled its proposals for changes to the second pillar.These include the introduction of multi-funds, reductions in fees, abolition of transfer fees, a more stringent application of the types of related parties into which pension fund managers can invest and payouts.The most controversial proposal is a separately managed common guarantee fund.Currently, pension funds set aside reserves, and there are concerns the better-run entities will end up paying for others’ shortfalls.In the meantime, the controversial amendments to the Social Insurance Code that came into effect this year remain in place, while changes such as those recently proposed by the Finance Ministry remain on hold.Second-pillar members have been unable as yet to opt out because the necessary documents have not been published.At the same time, the funds are reluctant to enrol those new entrants to the labour market who want to join because of legal uncertainties over using the old system’s documents.last_img read more


BlackRock grows stewardship team amid scrutiny

first_imgThe world’s largest asset manager has grown its stewardship team to 45 employees, up from 36 around this time last year, according to its latest annual report on its engagement and voting activity.BlackRock said this meant it had the largest and most global team in the industry. At the time of its annual report last year, its investment stewardship team members had 36 members. In 2008 the team comprised 13 full-time employees voting at around 8,500 meetings.In last year’s stewardship report BlackRock said it planned to double the size of the team by 2020.In the 12 months to 30 June 2019, BlackRock’s investment stewardship team voted at more than 16,000 company meetings. It said voting was “the formal mechanism” through which it provided feedback to companies on their practices, and engaging directly with companies allowed it to make “smarter and more informed voting decisions”. “Engagement on non-routine, nuanced, and often complex issues takes considerable resources,” it said.BlackRock has come under pressure over its stewardship activities in recent weeks. The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis accused the asset manager of costing its clients more than $90bn (€81.4bn) from a select group of fossil fuel-heavy investments, although BlackRock highlighted that the majority of the investments were held in index-tracking funds.MisconceptionsIn its stewardship report, BlackRock addressed what it referred to as continued misconceptions about asset managers, and in particular index managers, regarding their stewardship work.One of the most persistent misunderstandings, it said, was that large index managers followed proxy advisory firms’ recommendations too closely.BlackRock said its vote was correlated with the recommendations of Institutional Shareholder Services and Glass Lewis – two dominant proxy advisory firms – on routine management proposals, which accounted for over 98% of all shareholder votes in 2019.However, the correlation was close to zero with regard to shareholder proposals, it said, with these representing 1.6% of total votes cast in 2019.BlackRock has argued for more transparency in the proxy voting process, which has been the subject of a heated debate in the US. Last week the Securities and Exchange Commission published guidance relating to proxy advisory firms’ and fund managers’ responsibilities. The asset manager also explained that it tended not to participate in multi-stakeholder initiatives that duplicated its own efforts or that “may cause confusion for issuers”. It only joined external groups when it believed that collective action could significantly augment its direct engagements, it said.Both Climate Action 100+ and the ‘Global Investor Statement to Governments on Climate Change’ overlapped with its own direct efforts, for example. The latter is a statement co-ordinated by investor organisations such as the IIGCC and addressed to world leaders on the occasion of major political gatherings, like the G7.Further readingLong-term Matters: BlackRock – time to pull your finger out! Donald Trump is not the only US leader to ignore the climate emergency. BlackRock’s 2019 letter to companies, timed to coincide with Davos, is not quite the State of Union address but it was equally silent on the crisis, writes Raj Thamotheram It held 2,050 engagements with 1,458 companies based in 42 markets, representing 50.4% by value of the equity assets BlackRock manages on behalf of clients, as of 28 June. Multiple meetings were held with one quarter of the companies the asset manager engaged with, it added.last_img read more


Spectrum chief financial officer to resign. Replacement named

first_imgChief financial officer (CFO) of seismic data specialist Spectrum has chosen to resign from the company.Spectrum said on Monday that the company’s chief financial officer Henning Olset decided to resign.According to the company, he will be replaced by Dean Zuzic with effect from December 1, 2018. Zuzic joins Spectrum from a position as CFO of Norsk Gjenvinning.Before his current position, he held different positions in Kid Interiør AS, Plantasjen ASA, Danske Securities, and McKinsey & Co.Rune Eng, CEO of Spectrum, said: “Henning has in his period as CFO contributed to the growth of the company by building a robust finance and accounting function. I would like to thank him for his contribution over eight years and wish him every success in the future.”Spectrum added that Olset would continue to in the company until the end of 2018 to ensure a smooth transition to his successor.last_img read more


Key backing gives boost to euthanasia bill

first_imgNZ Herald 15 October 2015A push to legalise voluntary euthanasia has been boosted by the Prime Minister’s endorsement.John Key said he would support a new member’s bill lodged by Act leader David Seymour yesterday if it was drawn from the ballot.“In all probability if it’s drawn I will vote for it,” he said.The Government would not pick up the bill, meaning it could be years before it comes before Parliament.But Mr Key’s endorsement could play an important role in changing minds on the contentious issue.On the last conscience vote to be held in Parliament, for the legalisation of same-sex marriage, the Prime Minister also confirmed early in the process that he would support the legislation, which later passed easily.Mr Seymour began work on his End of Life Choice Bill after another bill, originally sponsored by former Labour MP Maryan Street, was removed from the ballot.His bill had stricter safeguards than Ms Street’s bill, including a requirement that a person was likely to die within six months, instead of 12 months. They would also need to have approval from two doctors.If the bill was pulled from the ballot, MPs would cast a personal vote instead of voting along party lines. read more


Dominicans outraged over DPP’s decision to discontinue trial against Sarah Lynn Augustine

first_imgLocalNews Dominicans outraged over DPP’s decision to discontinue trial against Sarah Lynn Augustine by: – January 24, 2012 Share Share 244 Views   4 comments Sharing is caring!center_img Tweet Rachel and Sophia Vigilant.Since Dominica Vibes News reported last Friday that the Director of Public Prosecutions Gene Pestaina had filed a notice of discontinuance in the trial involving Sarah Lynn Augustine we have been flooded with comments of outrage from our readers.Sarah Lynn Augustine was charged on 28th September, 2010 for allegedly stabbing her two daughters five year old Rachel and two month old Sophia to death at the family home in Mahaut on 16th September, 2010.A group page has been created on the popular social networking site Facebook dubbed; “Justice for Rachel and Sophia”, as well as a special poemSeveral Dominicans believe that the DPP has erred in his decision to discontinue the matter against Augustine.When Dominica Vibes News contacted the Office of the DPP for comment last week we were told no comments.However Channel 5 news of Marpin 2k4 reported on Monday evening that Pestaina had relied on a psychiatrist report to make his decision. That report which by Psychiatrist Dr. Griffin Benjamin allegedly confirmed that Augustine was “mentally fit” to stand trial but that she suffered from post partum depression (PPD) which according to Pestaina was of concern. Pestaina also told Channel 5 News that the Canadian authorities expressed their willingness in providing medical attention to Augustine who is a Canadian citizen and therefore he thought that was the best option.The Social Network Group “Justice for Rachel and Sophia” forwarded a statement to Dominica Vibes News indicating that a mother is supposed to protect her children as they are defenseless but this was far from true in this instance.“Rachel and Sophia were two children who were murdered while they slept allegedly by their own mother. They were defenseless and the one who was protecting them is the one who harmed them the most.”The group is also calling for the resignation of Pestaina as DPP for what they term, “making a mockery of our justice system”.“The DPP has made a laughing stock of our justice system. Nowhere else in the world would a medical expert employed by the state give his opinion and that opinion is ignored by the DPP. This woman cannot be rehabilitated. Once you commit such a crime you should be excused from society. And for the DPP to take it upon himself and dismiss the most important part of the report is insulting the people of this country. He should resign, fold and disappear (as one judge advised a then DPP).”Where do we go? We are not going to let this slide. This matter is embarrassing to Dominicans all over the world. As to what we can do, the process has just started. We can create petitions, probably even picketing the office of the DPP. We are saying this lady should have gone through the process of being judged by her peers. Two children are dead and while the DPP is saying one thing, she is on Facebook commenting and making merry. Her brother is on saying some of the most amazing things to people. In Dominica we are ‘too chaud to flam”, but it is time we stand up for what we believe in.”According to the group’s blog; “We cannot let this matter go by without some fight. These are two innocent children we talking about here. If we cannot fight for them, best we close down the country and forget about it”.Dominica Vibes News Sharelast_img read more


McCollum wins 100th career Stock Car feature at Arlington

first_imgARLINGTON, Minn. (Aug. 30) – Jeff McCollum made history at Arlington Raceway on Saturday night when he won the B&B Racing Chassis IMCA Stock Car feature.The victory was McCollum’s career 100th in the sanctioned division.Chris Meyer was the early leader, ahead of Brent Uecker. Lap six saw a yellow flag for a spun car in the first turn. McCollum restarted in the third row and shot through the field to take third place; he was then battling with Uecker, Dan Mackenthun and Shaun Bruns for the lead.By lap nine, McCollum was the leader with Mackenthun close behind. Uecker fell out on lap 10 but Mackenthun wasn’t giving up. Another caution flag came out on lap 16. On the restart Macken­thun got too high in turns three and four, losing two spots.McCollum was then challenged by Bruns but held on for the landmark win. Bruns took second and Matt Schauer was third ahead of Mackenthun.Jeff Coon found his way to victory lane in the MN 93 IMCA Modified feature as he led from start to the next-to-the-last lap ahead of Andy Timm.Timm lost power in turn two, causing a caution flag. On the restart, Jerry Wren and Chad Porter were neck and neck but as they were rounding turn three, Wren spun causing him to lose several spots and giving Curt Lund from second place ahead of Dalton Magers.Matt Looft started 12th and won the Unhinged Pizza IMCA Northern SportMod feature. The Eckblad Trucking IMCA Hobby feature was red flagged twice for cars rolling over. Once the race restarted Mike Christensen took over and held on to win.Twenty Coors Light IMCA Sport Compacts started the feature. Nate Coopman took the lead with two laps to go from Eric Ladner.last_img read more


Location change for Wednesday Batesville Music and Arts Festival event

first_imgBatesville, IN—The 46 annual Music and Arts Festival is starting tonight through Friday.  Due to the potential for severe weather this evening, the Endless Summer Band will be playing at the Bier Hall at The Sherman from 7:30 to 9:30 pm.  Food will be provided by Big Four Cafe.last_img