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The Super Cup rearms Atlético to face Liverpool

first_imgAthletic he faced the two greats of Spanish and world football and planted them face. He won, although almost miraculously, to Barcelona and tied, with chances to win, against Real Madrid. Atletico did not take the Super Cup of Spain but left very rearmed for the future. And there is a team that appears on the horizon: Liverpool. All European football takes the Simeone team out in this Champions League qualifier, but Simeone has reasons for him optimism If the team competes as against Barcelona and Real Madrid. Atlético’s reading of this Super Cup is positive. If the team can perform like this against Barça and Madrid, it can also do it before anyone. Atlético without Diego Costa, Lemar and practically Koke stood up to their two rivals. Madrid, in a great state of form, could not mark Oblak, and even the best opportunities were for the Cholo team. Oblak, after a few games in which he lowered his level, he has returned to Be the same as always. And the defense faced two important revalidations and complied. It is true that he had a bad time with Messi and company, but he knew how to rebuild. And before Madrid left the goal to zero. In the center of the field, Thomas and Saul carried the weight of the team. RunHe left again great feelings and Morata emptied in every action of the two matches. On the positive side is also the return of Savic, an important player but with problems due to injuries. The Atlético squad is not very wide and any high is positive. Also the Marcos Llorente’s contribution It has been good in this Super Cup. He did not participate much, but his participation was noted. After a month of November with many doubts, the Athletic chain Now several games at a high level. Won the Lokomotiv in Champions, defeated Betis, Osasuna and Levante, won Barcelona and drew against Real Madrid. The line of the team is ascending, although it will be necessary to look ahead to the league game in front of Eibar if the recovery from the physical point of view is positive. It is the only doubt about the immediate future.last_img read more


Óscar Clemente renews with Atlético until 2022

first_imgAtlético makes sure to keep one of the great pearls of its quarry. Canarian Oscar Clemente, who debuted with the first team last Saturday against Eibar (the canterano number 32 under the orders of Simeone), has renewed his contract with the mattress team until the year 2022. At 20, Clemente is one of the figures of an Atleti B who leads the table of group I of Second Division B. Mediapunta, with talent and ball handling and much arrival, add eight goals in the league, the second top scorer of the team after the long-term injured Darío Poveda, another debutant with the first team this course. Clemente arrived at the Athletic Academy in 2013 and is one of the captains of the second rojiblanco team. “I am very happy to be in this great club, to whom I am very grateful for the trust they have placed in me. That a club like Atlético de Madrid bet on you is very, very important”Said the player on the official mattress website.last_img read more


Villarreal presses for Alcacer

first_imgVillarreal is launched by Paco Alcácer. The yellow entity will negotiate with the Borussia Dortmund to seize the services of the Spanish international, which Valencia also sought. Peter Lim wanted him back for Mestalla, but Valencia has been knocking on his door for days and Alcácer, who was waiting for his club, is open to listen to other proposals three days after the market closes. Alcácer, as reported last Monday, was clear about its roadmap for the last week of the market. The forward would wait for a call from Valencia until Wednesday. If there were no progress with the entity of Peter Lim, Alcácer would study other clubs where to continue his career, since he is not going through his best moment in Germany. Alcácer, which gave a proposal to Sevilla because his desire was to return to Valencia, he sees with good eyes the interest of Villarreal, a club close to his home, with European aspirations and which has several international payrolls, which makes him permanently on the coach’s agenda. The Villarreal, looking for a spare part for Ekambi, transferred this January market to Lyon, It has the OK of Alcácer to enter into negotiations with Borussia Dortmund. The position of the Germanic club is clear: it will not put obstacles at the exit of Alcácer as long as it enters a similar figure to the one that a year and a half ago paid for the striker (around 22 million euros). Villarrreal looks for formulas to undertake the signing, that in case of doing it in the terms that the German club demands, it would make Alcácer the highest transfer paid by the yellow club.last_img read more


“If it is confirmed that Bartomeu is ultimately responsible, he must resign and call elections”

first_imgMessage from the protection club: “Before making the commitment, I sent a letter to the president to inform him of our project, which is not against anyone. We want to explain it to the partner, which is not easy, and we are involved in this story.”The healthiest thing now, an early election?: “Football is a crazy and resultist world, but we all have to promote peace and stability. If it were confirmed that the ultimate responsibility is the one that governs the club, advance elections should be called. But, come on, in recent months it has been proved that there is no project. “If Victor Font is president, Xavi, coach?: “We work with the idea that it is a fundamental piece of the Barça project for the next 10 years, regardless of whether I am a coach or not. I do not have Xavi’s yes to be a coach, but we must create the conditions to direct or co-direct the sports project. “Neymar signing ?: “The president will not decide who signs up and who doesn’t. That said, I think the club does not try to allow it institutionally or economically.”Are you worried that Messi can leave?: “No, because he is as culé as I am, that is why I have the feeling that he does not intend to leave. I think he will retire at Barça.” Víctor Font, candidate for the elections of Barcelona, ​​spoke in ‘El Larguero’ of the Cadena SER about the news spread on Monday morning by the program What T’hi Jugues that the Blaugrana club hired a company that created accounts in different social networks to damage the image of soccer players, former players, former presidents and also himself.Surprised?: “I am, especially when knowing details. We have been a little moved for a few weeks. We are aware or intuited that there was something organized, because there were strange things. It is a serious problem.”You suspect: “That there were people, that it seems that some are from Barcelona, ​​who criticize, and all with the same message, is surprising.”Victor Font, objective: “It surprises me, because we are working on a project for the future, we are not part of the club’s Cainite wars, we are out of the environment. It is incredible that club money, members’ money is used to do these things.”Will you report?: “Now is the answer, we are not sure what we are going to do. We have made a statement to request trasnparecnai. The president and the club should give a press conference to give explanations.”Resignation of Basrtomeu and early elections: “If it is confirmed that he is ultimately responsible, responsibility should be clarified. These things put the club in moral bankruptcy.” last_img read more


Gabi: “Atlético was denied, it seemed that Liverpool was going to play against Puerta Bonita”

first_imgAl-sadd Midfield playerSpain Xavi signing as coach of Barça: “We did not know until he told us. I think he was clear. Xavi knows that this opportunity will come to him.”Abidal: “Everything has been a circus. Those situations leave Barcelona badly.”Players: “I have shared changing rooms with many of them. Koke has been a leader in the field and now he is outside. Saul and Thomas have taken a step forward.” Koke: “He will be the record man. He has to tattoo the shield.”Departure from the base of the equipment: “I had that feeling. We are all gone at once.”Pure cholismo: “Players with good foot may not marry in this Athletic. People like players who know how to defend .I gave it: “So much that he is reproached and defended very well.”Philip: “It has been a total success. That hierarchy. In this case it has been bought and is capable of transmitting it.”Lack of goal: “It is the most complicated and the most money costs. Atletico has few occasions and at specific times. We must support them.”Video celebration: “It is a reason to celebrate and do not get involved with anyone. It is a time of great pressure and why they will not celebrate. From tomorrow there will be little scarfing.”Interpretation outside: “They have won Liverpool after no one gave a hard for them. Nothing happens (to celebrate).”Cherry Words on Anfield: “It’s putting pressure. It’s used to the Metropolitan.”Qatar: “We are playing the group stage and we are second in the League. This year I am more adapted and talking to renew one more year.”Life in Qatar: “Life is better in Spain. I usually travel once a month. I had to take this opportunity here.”Play somewhere else: “If it can’t be I will look for another option, but my idea is to end here.” Gabi went through the microphones of “El Larguero” of the BE to review the news of Atlético de Madrid after winning at Liverpool in the first leg of the eighths of Champions. Victory: “Very happy with the game they did. With the screams of the roundabout my hair was on end.”Good result: “A great result. Not to score goals at home and knock out Liverpool is something unthinkable. It bothers me that I don’t play Atlético because it seems that Liverpool was going to play, with all due respect, against Puertabonita.”Criticisms of Cholo: “I can’t say what other people think. Simeone has more credit. Have the players who fight for the titles and have credit to improve. He will decide when he leaves.”Second coach with Cholo: “Rumors come to you. I keep playing. I know the locker room, but I don’t know if it’s time. If it comes, I’ll make the decision. Now with Cholo I talk less. I’ve been helping him for eight years. I’d learn a lot from Cholo even though I know how he works. It would be masterclass and if that situation comes I will think about it. With Xavi it ​​is such an opposite pole, but as it has worked so much for us, it works for us here in Qatar. “ Gabilast_img read more


Melero: “Zidane is ideal for a team like Real Madrid”

first_imgAnd now Real Madrid arrives, almost without margin to catch pace, but always special game for you. Do you think you have options to be a holder?Yes, I have not played for two games. But well, in the end we all know that when you have not played for a long time and play, they will demand the same from you even if you have had ten games in a row. So I train hard to be 100% and, well, it is a special match, with an extra motivation if possible and hopefully here at home we put the difficult things and we can beat them.In the first leg, in his debut at the Bernabéu, he could not debut with a better foot.I remember knowing that I was not going to be a starter and talking with my classmates, with my family, with everyone … I said that just being able to debut was a dream for me. And, well, it was the dreamed debut on an individual level despite the result, but I still have a very good memory of my minutes there.How was the goal moment?I had not located mine in the goal. Yes, there were many people, but they were scattered. Each one got the tickets a little as he could and it was all very fast. It was 3-2, we had to try to get something out of there and I just remember the center of José (Campaña), my arrival at the second post and running back to our field almost without celebrating to try to tie and get something positive.The goal comes in one of its specialties, the air game.In my beginnings I was not a player who stood out for these actions, many times I stayed even outside the auction zone. But I think it is one of my virtues that I have evolved over time. In recent years I have paid a lot of attention and thank God in my years in Huesca I scored many goals for the ball, almost of which more than the category. And this year my goal has come like this. I think it’s a pretty good virtue that I have. I don’t think it’s one of the best heads up, but it’s true that I play a lot of balls. I put a lot of momentum and a lot of attitude to those plays and always try to make myself noticed in every action. “Valverde is becoming one of the best media in the world” After one of each in the Real Madrid quarry, where he entered at age 10 and left with 20, Gonzalo Melero had to to pack convinced that it was the best way to give the jump to professional football when I was in the Castilla de Zinedine Zidane. “I left Madrid because in the winter market I had six months playing very little in Castilla Yes, it is true that I spoke with Zidane and he told me that he wanted me to be on staff, he wanted to have me there. But at that age I understood what I had to play and in the end he called me Manolo Díaz, which was my coach the previous season in C, so that Go to the Ponferradina. I wanted to make the leap to professional football, I knew that sooner or later I would leave Madrid and I took it as a step forward, “explained the midfielder to this newspaper after signing. He was not wrong. Madridista confessed, in the first round it premiered with a goal in his debut at the Santiago Bernabéu. Now, analyze for tomorrow the crash tomorrow City of Valencia.How is it going?Well, well, recovered after all the problems of the two injuries and getting 100% and wanting to help the team.How are you physically? (It was the discard in front of Villarreal)Fully recovered. I do not notice anything training and see that in previous interviews I asked for health in 2020 and at the first change a setback has arisen. But I hope it’s the last one and I’m looking forward to not leaving the group for the rest of the year.It seems that in the last two years the injuries have not allowed him to develop his full potential.Well yes and I always think I had stood out for that. Because in the previous seasons, in Huesca or Ponferradina, he had always been available and had no setbacks. And it is true that these last two years, with the pubic lesion of last year, which were many comings and goings, and with the two muscle injuries because it seems that I have been a season where I am accusing them a lot. I live with some anger because he had always been a player who had no problem and is a situation that nobody likes, it is clear.On a physical level it is heavy machinery, a big player, is it harder for him to catch up with this circumstance?Yes, of course. I am the first to know it and it costs me a bit especially after being stopped for a while. Find the typical sparkle that players often refer to to be comfortable. Many times it costs me a little and I need two or three games to give 100%. And with whom do you feel better as a couple in the core?I have always felt comfortable when I played in that position. Yes, it is true that in the run of matches where I have better performed I was playing with Radoja and we were both at a good level and that is why it seems that the team was doing well. I think the whole team played good games and was a consequence of the state of form, but neither would highlight anyone in particular. In the end we are all partners, a few days it touches you with one, others with another and now I think that Nikola (Vukcevic) is doing very well and I think that after being so long a little in the shade I am glad for him because I can enjoy and Do it at a good level, which is what you have.Do you think that the reaction of Madrid has been set in the center of the field?Yes, it is true that after a while where it seemed that Kroos and Modric were not at the level we were accustomed to, they have hit that little jump, that return to their level let’s say. And, above all, the irruption of Valverde, which has been expected by many and unexpected for others. But it is clear that today it is becoming one of the best mid-centers in the world. That together with Casemiro, which I think is at its best level. He dares to do things he did not do before, it seems to me that he is at a spectacular level. Following there and especially the defense. Because they have begun to fit much less goals and for a team like Madrid that is fundamental because the quality above they have it. So I think that the union of a center of the field at a very good level together with the fact of receiving fewer goals I think has driven them to be leaders and be in a very good time.That I was going to ask her, what an irruption of Valverde.Yes, yes, spectacular. When I have seen games at that level, come on, in love. And that I take a few years. That force, that power … I think it is within reach of very few and I think it has an incredible future ahead.And do you see Borja Mayoral prepared to get to Madrid one day?I hope I can come back. Personally, I think next year is a bit early. He still has to tan. I always talk to him personally that he has to score goals. In the end for the strikers not everything is the goal, but it is very important. I think he is very similar soccer to what Benzema can be, but he is big words. So hopefully. He is very young, he has plenty of time to grow and hopefully in two or three years he can be there. I think a striker of a very good level and is sure to be in large teams. I hope it is in Madrid because it would be a joy for everyone.Now that you have been here for a while, what is your balance of your first months in the Levant?I already said it at the beginning and I keep it. I was very surprised because I think that I gave a level jump for the quality of my teammates. I think that the level that I live every day is higher than what I have seen on weekends in competition and that makes me especially angry because I am one of those who thinks that the team could be a little higher. But I am very happy to be able to take that leap, to continue improving and to be surrounded by better people. I am grateful and very happy to have a contract here for more years and want to keep improving and keep doing it here.How does this sports bump manage such an ambitious player? (Only one victory in 2020)I think the team is living it calmly. In the end we have a good margin regarding the decline, which is the primary objective. And then on the other hand with that anger because in the end you see that you are a little in no man’s land. Obviously many points remain and anything can happen. But it makes me especially angry to go through bad times because the top teams don’t pass them. Now we are in a still exciting situation and if we focus on Saturday’s game and win it we can see things differently. It seems that when you win a game you already aspire to everything and suddenly you lose another and you are already looking down. It is necessary to look for that tranquility that in soccer is often very difficult. But internally we are calm. We have our feet on the ground and we are aware that in football you win and lose and above all you have to be regular to achieve the goals. What part of merit do you grant when you return from Zidane?In the end I have never been in the Madrid dressing room, but I have always thought that there are people with a lot of personality, with many egos and I think there must be someone 100% respected. And Zidane obviously is. I think he has earned it for his football career and for his life as a coach. Honestly, I think he is the best coach for a team like Madrid and hopefully they keep winning as they are doing. I am one more follower even though I now defend other colors.Speaking of Zidane, how about Paco López? Trust your figure a lot.Well, very grateful. In the end I have always said that I am here because he called me and conveyed his confidence. And, well, at first I played less, I went through moments of playing more, of not playing any minute, but at all times I felt confident. I am very grateful and eager to return that confidence on the pitch. Surely we will be together for a long time and I will continue working on my individual improvement and on being a better footballer.It seems that when it is available, it makes use of you.I think I could tell you that it surprised me a bit even to me. After so much time stopped and knowing that many times I find it difficult to take that state of form; although it is true that playing is how best you catch. But thankful, I can’t tell you anything else. I have also told you that when I have played less I have also been there. In the end I think we all like to play but we have to add all the places. The coach knows that I play more, play less or if I am not summoned I will always be there for the team and I think it is also one of my virtues.With Rochina and Radoja injured, the ownership doors open wide.Unfortunately because Rochi He was in great shape and is a very important player for us. But you have to be prepared. I don’t know if I will have options to play. If so, I will try to make the most of the service of the team and if not be available because there may be a thousand contingencies, changes in the second part and you have to be prepared to play the minutes required by the master. Throughout the year he has played in different positions (in band, more advanced, in the double pivot and even single pivot). Which one do you feel most comfortable in?I think in the double pivot. In the end, playing 4-4-2 is free to go up and then also requires you to work close to the defense. I like to help a little in all facets. I think that when I am very advanced, internally it makes me angry to not be able to help below, as happened in Seville in the League. Where I find myself most comfortable is there, helping in all facets and always being a little present in all the sets of the game. Without being the tallest or the one who jumps the most. Don or work?I think a lot is in the attitude and how to face the plays. I had never had that virtue, but it is true that with the coaches or my father, who talked to him a lot about these things, they told me that it was more a matter of attitude, of the way to go to the plays, how to take the duel. And now I like to play those plays, I like to be there and when I don’t win any action I get quite angry. I like this aerial presence defending, attacking … in all the sets of the game and try to win.Do you see Madrid ready to take LaLiga?I see them well, better than the last few years that Barça had been very strong. Yes it is true that I think this year the big ones are leaving points against smaller rivals and the important thing is to be there until the end. I think that when Madrid has some advantage, it tends to relax a bit and it shouldn’t be that way. Because all points add up and you miss them at the end. But hopefully three points are left on Saturday and from there they are able to win LaLiga. “In LaLiga, when Madrid has some advantage, it tends to relax” If the day of Espanyol was a turning point in the squad, in El Sadar there was a team that wanted to show another attitude despite the final result.I think that at the level of competition in LaLiga, many times the team has not put the 100% intensity it requires and I think that when you don’t match that it is very difficult to win. Even so, we have been able to win many games as well and internally we think that if we are able to match the intensity that other teams put we will be superior to many. Because I think that in terms of quality and technically we are a very good team in LaLiga. I think that that day (in El Sadar) the team played a very serious game that went away in the end for details. But I think it is the way to go despite the result. Many times we try to inhibit the result and focus a little more on what happens in the 90 minutes than on specific situations such as goals. I think that the attitude we show that day is the way to go and from there take out our quality. That day we could not do it because it is also a difficult field and they put a lot of intensity, but I am sure that sooner or later it will come out.Where does the growth of the Levant go? Because once assumed the goal of permanence it seems that the next is Europe.I think that is the case, settling on the table. Grow based on the primary goal that is salvation. Grow as a team and if there is any option, dream. I think that Levante has only gotten into European competitions once and marking that goal would be too ambitious. We would make history again. We have our feet on the ground and I believe that the truth is that the team has to grow based on settling on the table, achieving salvation with a certain margin and especially in each match to meet and raise the level. And once you’ve settled on the table, see what your options are, how many games are left, rub shoulders with the ones at the top that is very beautiful and that would be the path we should follow.What do you expect from tomorrow’s game?I wait a bit for the atmosphere that was experienced on Barça day. Especially since it would mean practically a victory if people are so happy. But in the end it is a very complicated game. They are very well defensively, they have many offensive weapons and we have to make a practically perfect match. I think we have a lot of offensive weapons and you have to squeeze them, because in the end you can’t raise a game to keep the goal to zero against a team like Madrid. I think we have to be offensive, ambitious, attack, try to score goals and especially defensively be very strong. They cannot be left spaces.And personally how do you live this week?Friends, family come … and in the end I think it’s a week a little special for me. I’ve been there all my life, my parents and my friends keep going to the Bernabéu. But I look forward to it with great ambition, eager to arrive, to face the team where I’ve been so long and hopefully everything goes well and we are able to win all three points. That although there are three points that Madrid does not win, I wish it with all my desire.last_img read more


André Gomes returns to play after his serious ankle injury

first_imgPortuguese midfielder André Gomes returned to play this Sunday almost four months after his serious ankle injury.Gomes, who was a player for Valencia and Barcelona, ​​was seriously injured last November 3 in a clash with South Korean Heung-min Son, who broke his ankle.The Portuguese played his first minutes this Sunday in the match against Arsenal played at the Emirates Stadium.Carlo Ancelotti put him on the field with more than half an hour ahead on the scoreboard.last_img


David Luiz is Pablo Marí’s ‘Cicerone’ in London

first_imgDavid Luiz and Pablo Marí formed a pair in the middle of the Arsenal defense this Monday in a 0-2 victory against Portsmouth in the fifth round of the FA Cup. The Spanish debuted as a gunner with the Brazilian demonstrating that he is ready. in 90 minutes: five clearances, three aerial duels won and no dribbling. In addition, he was successful with the pass and transmitted security.Marí got along well with David Luiz in the field and also outside, where Diadema’s defender has become his ‘cicerone’ in these early days at Emirates Stadium and also, by order of the former coach of both, Jorge Jesus, according to the Portuguese newspaper Record. Mr. Flamengo, who trained David Luiz at Benfica, continues to maintain an excellent relationship with him and asked him to take care of his black-and-white pupil when he arrived in London. “I talk to him every week, he is my friend and he told me to receive him in the best possible way,” said David Luiz when Mari’s signing from Mengao was confirmed.The defender also did not hesitate to praise the Spaniard after his debut on Monday. “I am very happy for Pablo. He is a great guy and a great player. He has had an excellent game. We are here to help each other. We are 25 players, ready to play for Arsenal and do our best work, “he said. The central Almussafes has fallen well and David Luiz is trying to make everything easier so you only have to worry about what happens in the green, which in his debut already saw that he is able to solve at the highest level.last_img read more


Catena: “Aspas is the player I had the hardest time defending”

first_imgHe also reviewed some of his most special moments with the Strip. “I’m from Madrid and I always liked Rayo. It’s a nice feeling to wear this shirt. My most special moment with her was the debut in Primera (Rayo-Valladolid, 1-2). We were descended, but still it was special to see my family in the field and with our fans. She is different, committed and supports us regardless of the result, “explained the defender, one of the most beloved players in the stands, who a colleague has specially marked: “Alberto, the captain”. Catena also spoke of her day to day in the running of the bulls. “In the morning I do bikes, exercises with weight and rubber. In the afternoon I dedicate myself to series and board games“said the Mostoleño, who dared with some recommendations for quarantine:” A book? ‘The tunnel’ by Ernesto Sabato. A series? ‘Game of Thrones’. I have seen it several times, I am very geek of the series. A movie? ‘The wolf of Wall Street’ Table games? In Reus he played a lot with Pol Freixanet and his girlfriend. ‘Adventurers on the train’ ‘Carcassonne“ To train, the center-back uses flamenco or reggaeton (“the old one, ‘Gasoline’ style). Catena takes care of herself, although she is aware that returning to normal will take a while yet. “I wish football could resume as soon as possible, it keeps us alive, but returning to activity should be something global for the whole of society and when there are no risks. Now our responsibility is to stay at home. “Before resuming the competition he advocates a preseason” of one or two weeks “, not only to set up the physique, but” also to prepare the head “.center_img Catena is clear. “Iago Aspas is the player I have had the hardest time defending, he is a different footballer”, confessed the Rayo central defender, who faced each other with Celta’s attacker in the last game of the franjirrojos in Primera. That May 18, 2019, Rayo went ahead (2-0) until Aspas burst in to equalize the contest with a double in the last ten minutes. That was the defender’s confession to one of the questions that the fans asked him through GOAL.last_img read more


The dismissed Francisco Egas defends his presidency

first_imgFrancisco Egas, dismissed as president of the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF), assured this Sunday that he will defend his position before the corresponding organizations and did not rule out taking his case to court.Egas, dismissed by most of the FAITH DirectoryF, who commissioned the presidency to Jaime Estrada, said that tomorrow he will send his complaint to international organizations such as the FIFA.Through a virtual press conference, Egas assured that he will defend his election as president of the FEF before the corresponding organizations and did not rule out “initiating legal actions, because it is an act for punishable actions” against the six members of the Board who dismissed him.“Tomorrow we will send all the documentation and legal arguments to the corresponding entities, we will not be asking favors of theto the Sports Secretariat, the South American Football Confederation (CSF) and the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA), We will ask them to enforce the rules, “he said.The manager accepted that there was an excess in the amount of the contract that prepared for the hiring of the technical body that commands the Spanish-Dutch Jordi Cruyff and also of the general secretary of the FEF, the Argentine Gustavo Silikovich. According to the FEF, this was one of the reasons for his separation from office, considering that Egas “did not respect a Board resolution that gave him the guarantee to hire the sports director, the Spanishl Antonio Cordón, and the coaching staff, up to four million and he extended the figure to six million. “He also recognized that there was no reduction of Cruyff’s salary, but a restructuring, another reason why he was sanctioned by the Board of Directors.“Indeed, there was a restructuring as a measure to find a solution to the critical moment in the months of March, April, May, June and July, as the other 70 percent were still negotiating it; but we had achieved a very good negotiation, which reduced the expenses of $ 1,300,000, “said Egas.Surely, he said, “communication was lacking on my part, it could be my mistake, because I dedicated myself to work to find solutions in an institution that we took practically broken, that was spending in an exaggerated way “.He also regretted that within the Statute that governs Ecuadorian football, “Amateur clubs and Associations have the same rights as professional clubs”, regarding the rules for the removal of a leader.However, he recalled that “by order of FIFA its reform is being processed, hopefully it will be ready until before the next elections.”Therefore, “I will continue to be president until one of the competent bodies tells me that I am no longer president. PTo remove a president today with the statutes that FIFA has reformed, it takes between 80 and 90 percent of the votes in a football congress“encouraged the dismissed Egaslast_img read more