Month: July 2017


CN domain name prohibits individual registration whether change the soup or not

CNNIC (China Internet Information Center) out of the new regulations, at 9 a.m. on December 14th, CN domain name Stop registration of individuals. Means that in the future want to register CN domain name, in addition to submit online applications, but also to submit three copies of written applications including business licenses. The Internet industry is shouting: "the era of individual users registering CN domain names is gone!


CNNIC, the introduction of the new policy is undoubtedly CCTV exposure, poor supervision of its domain name, CN domain name involving a large number of yellow response. The purpose of prohibiting individual registration and improving the registration threshold should be to reduce the illegal application of domain names by improving the authenticity of domain name registration information and increasing the cost of illegal activities. Although the announcement is only for new registered users, CNNIC also showed that it will not rush to shut down the registered CN domain name, but also said it will review the existing 13 million CN domain name. read more


BBS needs to review Discuz forum mobile client in mobile nternet

for a long time, we are focusing on the development of new applications and services for mobile Internet, but more or less ignored some of us still in front of the computer every day using the "conventional" service. For example, forum, I believe most domestic users will also go to one or two forums every day, check information, read comments, and so on. BBS Forum on domestic Internet users or a fundamental service, but in the intelligent mobile phone how to browse the post, post and other user interactive forum, has not been a good solution. read more


30 day experience of a ceramic industry portal profit review

I am mainly good at website development, in May this year, a Jiangxi, Jingdezhen, Feng manager’s site needs, the entire project price of 5000 yuan. At the beginning of communication, even domain name, website name still did not freeze down. After a week of pondering. Website name is called "Pang porcelain net", selected the website, and has chosen several good LA domain names for the customer, because the good domain name is too few.

however, in the following time, I was surprised to see an industry website earning money in a short time. Looking back on the current situation of Internet websites, we have to think deeply. read more


Cloud fly business station the first thing is product copywriting not traffic

enterprise website construction, don’t put the cart before the horse, we must first prepare not flow, but product copy.

wants to see the traffic of enterprise website won’t be too big.

, let’s do an inverse conversion. Suppose your company’s annual sales is 10 million, according to the 28 principle, we assume that 30% of the big customers bring you 70% of the profits, then the small and medium-sized customers bring you 3 million of the income. We assume that the small customer orders every 2000 yuan, then you need a total of 1500 orders, 300 days a year according to effective calculation, every day you have 5 orders. Then assume that the 5 single, 3 single network brings you, according to the enterprise website 2~3% conversion rate, your enterprise website new user traffic is only 100 IP/ days. Assuming 30% of the traffic is older users, then the site traffic for 145 IP/ days. read more


How does Plesk make sure nternet becomes the leader of virtual host

building site, in addition to the host, domain name, the control panel is also more important. A good control panel can enhance the experience of site building, and even increase the security of the site. The world’s leading Plesk control panel, covering more than 140 countries, services, about 300000 hosts, not only the use of large quantities, but also good reputation. server is equipped with this Plesk control panel, to provide users with the internationalization of the site experience. read more


How to judge the real flow of website

, whether engaged in the Internet industry or personal webmaster, no one does not encounter the competitors to analyze the situation, and the other party’s real traffic is also urgently needed to know. But really want to know the specific traffic situation, it is estimated to have spies to competitors company, and this spy in this company also have to have a certain position weight, otherwise it will not get the specific flow data. In fact, through the following points, you may be able to assess the specific flow of each other’s website. read more


Do stand for 3 months Baidu included home page persist in the end is true

yesterday couldn’t, do their own websites for more than 3 months, has finally been Baidu included the home page, the excitement that too many webmaster can understand what I say is the site to do 5-6 years, although has been helping a friend, help enterprises to do, but never considered the website ranking ah, included in this issue, all the people asked me to do, change, finally take the money.

is now doing, I had the idea is very simple, just find a good domain name, buy space, make sure the page can have a lot of people, but it is not so smooth, here I put my own experience say that, as a summary of ADMIN5 learning. read more


Electronic membership card product observation next what kind of products do you want

[core tip] when O2O is focusing on users at the moment, who brings real value to the business?

editor’s note: in the two article before, we separately introduced the public comment and Tencent micro life electronic membership card merchant background. So, for businesses, what kind of products do they want,


has been bombarded by thousands of gang wars, numerous businesses have been on various "O2O new model" generated immunity and even tired. Exclusive cooperation is all O2O’s dream, but for the businesses to put a row of public comment, the U.S. group, Ding Ding, preferential discount card pudding knowledge but also helpless, the gate of the cinema time network, watercress movie, cat movie tickets also stand side by side is a common sight. For merchants, which family with more guests, or which should be divided into low priority to cooperate with which, of course, is not excluded in other home channels at the same time on-line. read more


How can English domain name be transferred out

1, what are the conditions for Registrar of domain names?

(1) only the registrant of the domain name or the management contact person has the right to apply for the transfer of the registrar;

(2) domain name is in the normal state (Active), and there is no judicial dispute, arbitration and dispute in itself. There is no question of arrears;

(3) has registered domain names successfully for more than 60 days, or 1 months before the domain name expires,

(4) domain name management contact letter box must be valid and can reply the confirmation letter mailbox promptly; read more


Logistics website and user experience


is now the logistics website, logistics enterprise information platform portal station, relatively large, but it is used on the network logistics website, I do not think there is a lot of, especially in Yunnan logistics market. Enterprise station to say, but a large amount of information for door apartment layout logistics site, open a website, a large impression is dense, the information content of so much, even for people who often find trouble, not to mention those on the net is not skilled people. Then, the user experience of logistics website is a very important job. read more