Robin Li geek is the most understand me

January 15, 2017, Baidu chairman Robin Li in five years fourth times in the park geeks Innovation Conference on the stage.

organizers to reporters in advance to ask questions to ask Robin Li, the highest number of votes is also why always you". Robin Li’s answer was "real": "I don’t like to go out and talk about it. I think the geek is the most understand me, so I am old."

for geeks, Robin Li is defined as: a geek is a pioneer in the field of new technology is the most sensitive to technological evolution, but also the most willing to try new things, even in the face of others are not optimistic about things, geeks have the ability to change, "geeks look bad will say how I put it change is good, this is a kind of spiritual geek". Robin Li believes that many of the current applications of artificial intelligence are at such a stage: geeks are using "geek spirit" of the artificial intelligence has become more perfect, in his opinion "AI this time is the best time for geeks". read more


Tongguanju will prosecute BBS special filing is expected by the end of September to complete

Admin5 webmaster network July 29th news       according to informed sources, the IDC manufacturers have recently received communications administration notice requires thorough investigation of BBS special record, according to the plan, thorough investigation work will continue until the end of September.


said recently, IDC manufacturers began to receive communications administration notice requires thorough investigation of BBS special record. According to the plan, thorough investigation work is divided into three steps, one is to complete the BBS website in mid July, the domain name for the record inventory work, two is to complete the BBS website special record in mid August, three is to complete the BBS server and web site at the end of September inventory work. read more


The performance of Chinese and Japanese nternet users in BBS

      1, in the China Forum, the majority of young people aged 20, more than 30 are called old wild.

      in the Japanese forum, 30 year old -40 years old people are mostly, more than 50 is old wild.

      therefore, in the forum, Chinese and Japanese debate will suffer.

      because young people experience is limited, a lot of things do not know how to express.

      2, Japanese hate hair post, love Jiutie top, the same kind of problem, in the hope of getting a post said clearly. read more


Search engine owners choose more rational Baidu advantage over Google

November 25, 2007, Comsenz (Comsenz) and Eric (iResearch) jointly organized the "Third Session of Chinese Social Network Research Report" released in beijing. This is the first time since 2005 Comsenz released the first survey report on the development of the Internet community in China since the third release of the continuous report.

in the Chinese Internet community for the third party search engine on the recommendation of the problem, the results of the survey is significantly different from ordinary users, webmasters in the search engine, it seems more rational. read more


To save money 780 thousand sites do not update part of the zombie station

As the carrier of Internet information,

website has become an important part of people’s life and business activities. China Internet Network Information Center data show that as of the 1 quarter of this year, the number of Internet users in China reached a total of 404 million people, the number of sites reached 3 million 230 thousand, an annual growth rate of 12.3%. However, in sharp contrast, hundreds of thousands of fully loaded old information and function of the lack of sub health website and carry a variety of viruses zombie station". read more


Share consumer website online shopping from pure buy to taste pleasure

nowadays society is a society of self value, and everyone is happy to show and share with others. The young people hope that they can make others know themselves and perceive themselves in various ways. Conform to this trend, Pinterest sharing mode site fire, the domestic similar to the model of community marketing network platform has become a lot of women and love to share the paradise.

now there are a lot of domestic Pinterest sites, such as image sharing website petals network. Petals network CEO Liu Pingyang said that the petals in the form of a network of Pinterest, but positioned to focus on the image behind the information to record personal interests and hobbies. The user will see some petals open net beauty, some will see some scenery pictures, you will see a child full of innocence. The appearance of the user’s eyes, the integration of their aesthetic preferences, browsing habits, etc.. read more


College students do movie site was 600 thousand claims

Wenzhou Reuters recently, just graduated from Wenzhou University’s small Jie (a pseudonym) depressed. During the school was founded in a free movie site was a Hangzhou film and television companies to copyright infringement, the prosecution claims 600 thousand yuan. According to the reporter, in the course of college students encounter legal risk occurs when the case. How to avoid the legal risk, has become a large number of students in the process of entrepreneurship can not be ignored.

could not bear the weight of claim read more


LoveBucks small and medium sized webmaster can rely on user favorite cents

the use of online content of money is not easy, especially those users very small publishers and bloggers, apart from advertising, did not like what other ways to earn money, now, content aggregation platform to solve this problem, they launched a new tool called LoveBucks that allows users on a monthly basis the subscription, and allows users to manually click on the way to give money to content creators.

registered users can choose two kinds of packages, users can subscribe to the corresponding recharge option package after the content, and content providers in content alongside a "LoveBucks" button, if the user clicks the button, the user said love your content, so users will click money in proportion to the content provider. read more


Daily topic traditional banks to enter the P2P net loan business risk is reduced

webmaster network ( October 18th news, Internet banking, especially P2P net loan can be said to have been a hot topic of discussion. Even frequent P2P platform running events can not stop people from entering the footsteps of the P2P industry. This is not the day before, the small business financing platform of China Merchants Bank small business e home, a e+ stable financing project financing platform quietly on the line, the 6 phase of the project has been completed, the issue of financing, financing 129 million yuan. read more


Do you know another name Thunder KanKan changed its name

A5 webmaster network ( August 13th news yesterday, Thunder KanKan announced the name changed to see the nest. Will invest 3 billion yuan to support the ring to see the development of the nest, focusing on the direction of including homemade content, independent broadcast strategy, Internet banking and precision marketing.

it is understood that the thunder on July 15th announced that it will sell all of its shares to 130 million yuan price to Beijing ring nest international media Limited by Share Ltd. For the thunder, the high cost of video maintenance, profitability is always a pain point, so the final choice of the sale of non core, non profit Thunder KanKan. read more