When the video meets the electricity supplier video shopping potential

is currently in the Internet industry most two segments of burn is video and electricity supplier, while the two industry met with what will happen? Video shopping? Video or video into marketing?? in fact as long as beneficial to both parties, everything possible. Recently, the Jingdong suning.com mall launched a concept video shopping, video and electricity suppliers cooperation may begin.

video traffic video business income could suffer from the combined electricity supplier represent the general trend of read more


Platform B2C will have a century of war

Baidu has just announced a major strategic initiatives of e-commerce market, and e-commerce sites in Japan Lotte will set up a joint venture company in the next 3 years to spend $50 million to build ultra large integrated B2C online shopping mall for China users. Taobao recently also frequently force in B2C, Taobao mall, Taobao Electric City on the line, Taobao’s future will also force in B2C.

in Europe, in recent years, with the consumer information security more and more attention on the Internet, the Ebay mode is more and more people shuaishouzhanggui the lack of confidence, and Amazon this centralized management mode is more and more accepted for the end, Amazon’s rapid development is also more than EABY also confirmed this trend. read more


Only the off season thought no off season market analysis

with the aggravation of competition, the off-season, will no longer be a flat period, in the off-season, only react faster than its rivals, by surprise, the first campaign, can take the initiative in the competition in China, otherwise it will fall into the season resource war, price war, war, war, a series of promotional advertising products in the melee battle, consumption, effect not ideal, year after year, tired. The sales season, all manufacturers in the channel for a fierce round of close combat, began to enter the off-season, practicing internal strength, the accumulation of momentum, seemingly calm off-season, but bloodshed. read more


Live electricity supplier fiery Taobao to go shopping to buy a live side to buy

each of the major electricity supplier platform to test the water, the record how?

from the broadcast industry hot to live + very influential to today’s economy, Ali, Suning, Jingdong, the United States and so on, the major electricity supplier giants have to test the live + business model, how to record live +


from Taobao live start trial operation, to the current three months more than a month, with "hundred days", in the Taobao broadcast celebrate the hundred days, big red net Yi live debut, 4 hours, the cumulative number of viewers reached 421 thousand points like broken million, in the case of not doing promotional discounts the store, a new volume of about 20 million, close to 400 yuan price. 1 million people will bring a view of the purchase of 320 thousand (put the goods into the shopping cart). read more


Small flow of money to make a lot of segments of the site

some sites visit dozens of IP, but the monthly income of tens of thousands or even more (Lu Songsong comments: This is true, there is such a sister loose pine brother). There are also some tens of thousands of IP rely on advertising alliance is also alive very moist. Then the majority of station traffic only tens of hundreds of IP, so that the flow of money to eat enough, not to mention how much money to earn money, the cost of host domain name has been very good. So what kind of Web site to make money? The answer is the breakdown of the site, small flow can make big money. read more


The United Nations conference ends with the end of the U S

has been the control problem with the domain name IP address assignment allocation on the Internet, which defines how to access the Internet, e-mail people all over the world. In the United Nations Internet Conference held on Monday, the countries all over the world to discuss this problem.

although few people criticize the U.S. direct management of the Internet, but we are very clear about the role of Americans in the domain name strategy.

Brazil team culture minister Gilberto Gil said at the meeting, the Internet is a multinational, can not be controlled by the power of a country, the Internet should be the territory of everyone in the world read more


E commerce the trend of media and community began to emerge

just now, in the "commercial value" read an article, mainly about the community of e-commerce. The article believes that e-commerce has experienced a low price, grab the source, hit advertising and cover the warehouse, the trend of media and community is beginning to emerge. I would like to believe that e-commerce is e-commerce, community-based e-commerce, e-commerce services are the main body, in a subordinate position, can not be said to be a trend. List some of the main points in the article, then, we discuss one by one. read more


Taobao price mall you still do

2011 October 10th, whether it is for Taobao store or Taobao itself, it is a major turning point, and even part of the seller will decide the fate of the mall or Taobao transformation is good to Taobao can be listed in advance.

Taobao mall officially upgraded business management system, in order to make businesses more seriously in the operating behavior of the mall, Taobao mall will be the original 6000 yuan a year technical service fee increased to 30 thousand yuan and 60 thousand yuan two grades. This major decision is directly related to the interests of Taobao sellers. Specific details are as follows: read more


Dialogue palm world check nine LAN how to help supermarkets and suppliers to upgrade transformation

I have been looking for a transformation of the traditional FMCG products, look a lot, I feel the study of FMCG industry transformation can not start directly from the manufacturers. Such as Coca-Cola, jiaduobao have enough strength to establish adequate channels, these companies are not short of money, but also will not be affected by the impact of the Internet is too big, they even don’t need to transition. What really matters is the small and medium-sized businesses. The fast consumer goods into the hands of consumers in the final venue is super, from the city to the town of super. Finally, all the goods of the merchants must flow into these supermarkets. It is the last time that the modern people will go to the supermarket at least once a week. In the last ten to change the traditional mode of existence in the canteen, today also need to upgrade, because of the presence of electricity providers, the supermarket has to bear a heavy burden. read more


Wuhan opened the first shop is refers to choose fat and tax experts said the lack of basis for syndr

online shopping is very mature now how to start to want to tax." "Fattened kill again, otherwise the industry would be difficult to survive."……

yesterday (June 28th), a spread Wuhan out the first individual shop tax news, online opposition is significantly higher than the voice of support. Daily economic news reporter rough statistics, there are more than 90% of users believe that the tax is still not ripe for personal online shop.

sources said, Wuhan city tax bureau of the action is just a beginning, then the city of Wuhan will be within the jurisdiction of all Taobao crown above the shop are included in the scope of tax collection and management. read more