The consumer pension money Shanghai site suspected MLM checked

currently, Shanghai imperial family’s "I love my buy site in the country has more than 7 agents, more than 5 of consumers. Cao Jianhua promised to consumers through consumption rebate form, to achieve a personal pension plan. Liu Jianping cartography

Cao Jianhua, born in 1955, the famous beauty brand "Joffre" founder. 2007 began to engage in e-commerce, is arrested on suspicion of pyramid schemes.

Morning Post reporter Li Wei

Intern Liu Zhujun Jiacheng pool read more


Pirate Bay co founder Sund do not care about the site shut down

September 28, 2010, the Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Ostersund in the Swedish court of appeal for Stockholm

NetEase science and technology news December 12th news, on Tuesday, BT seed site Bay (Pirate Bay) server was sacked by Swedish police, until early in the morning is still not open. Sunde, one of the co founders of the site, is not concerned about whether the Pirate Bay will revive again (Peter).

claims that he is no longer involved in the operation of the site. In a blog post, he claimed that the Pirate Bay is now in the face of the original is not consistent with the original, and the current operators of the site is no longer the idea of the founder of the matter. read more


Hao123 twelve for the first time on the left side of the revised resource navigation

October 10th, Baidu’s largest website in China new home today quietly on the line. This is the first time since 1999 Hao123 12 years since the establishment of a larger scale revision.

Hao123 version of the biggest change is to increase the resources on the left navigation

According to

, the new version of Hao123 changes mainly in the left columns here, the film and television drama, games, music, lottery, group purchase, practical query and so on the most obvious location, there is a section of the hot link behind each column. As entering the "TV drama" this column, you can see a list of the hit TV series, and the video website of TV drama resources do polymerization, users simply click on the pictures you can directly enter the player page, can also choose to watch online video site. read more


Shanghai police destroyed a large mobile phone WAP pornographic sites

dozens of large mobile phone pornographic sites, and the search frog situation astringent network, frog acerbity web site home for each link, site server located in Shanghai! The fight against Internet pornography "09 sword" special action, Shanghai police found an important clue: a large number of target mobile phone WAP pornographic website……

police lightning attack, sweeping away the color frog peril. Once boasted that the founder of color frog net industry leader Sheng Xisong, west side bars, not contrite. read more


New regulations website cannot reference from abroad website map

(original title: the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping geographic information: Web site cannot be referenced from abroad website map)

this article integrated CCTV news client, the national mapping Geographic Information Bureau official website

today (September 1st), the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping geographic information and the central network letter office jointly issued a notice to further regulate the use of Internet service site map.

notice that all Internet service units to strengthen self-discipline, standardize the use of map, should be strictly in accordance with the "law", the "map of People’s Republic of China surveying and mapping management regulations" and other laws and regulations for review and publication use map. Map referenced in the website, to use the correct map obtained from legitimate channels, can not be referenced unaudited especially from abroad website map, map to indicate the source and reference map drawing no.. In the map published before the law to trial, not on the map marked confidential information or in violation of our national policy and content of political opinion. The notice also pointed out that the search engine has the function of the site, but also to the public to recommend the use of the correct, marked with the map number. read more


nternet advertising new regulations introduced from the search results to Taobao to manage

can adhere to the implementation is a good thing, but I feel that I’m looking for information from the advertising point of skill suddenly weakened


"Wei Zexi event" and "Internet pay promotion" to discuss, in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on Friday issued the "Interim Measures for the administration of Internet advertising", finally have a clear statement.

may be in order to make up for the absence of the regulation of the industry over the past 7 years, a wide coverage of this new regulation: electricity, search, social media advertising business includes the vast majority of Internet products, are included in the scope of regulation. read more


The ecological construction of Light Company

"eco" word in the Internet industry has long been common, and even some have been used rotten feeling. Ali, music is the most love the ecological hang in the mouth of the two major Internet companies, of course, Tencent, Baidu, millet also have their own eco system, not only love as a PR caliber, to avoid being criticized as imitators. In fact, the Internet industry, the more light the more Internet Co need to have a stable ecosystem.

in the fierce market competition between China and Vietnam light Internet Co need to build more ecological read more


Enom registrant is serious about domain name security

1:  if the a will be sold to the domain name B and the domain name push to B, turn out the domain name password key Authorization Code    is completely consistent.

How the

    some people think that the domain name will be locked out, temporarily not a big problem, but there is a domain name, out of time, or there will be a theoretical value, not tell in the end is who submitted the transfer. So there is still a certain risk domain. read more


Community mode of revelation CM a new way of God models and dialogue

thanks to the contribution of Le frog team (the author is the founder of Le frog Zhao Li, director of music frog Internet Director Wei Lee). This article is the second edition of the "interpretation of the CM and CM to learn the maximization of the value of community model applications". There are contributors to the needs of developers can email to

The following is the full text of


social marketing this era, it was said: stand on the pig can fly up the air blowing times". Of course, this is not an exaggerated statement. This is an era of what? Internet companies began to make mobile phone, mobile phone companies began to do the Internet, doing software to do mobile phone applications, a combination of these are the times of the witness, this is the hot burning mobile Internet industry, the Internet and social operation mode which is unanimously optimistic about is have a fever. The huge commercial potential and more and more enterprises have invested to behind the community model of mining social marketing brings. We hope that other people’s success can be copied, in fact, behind every success there are a lot of hidden worth pondering. We hope that through the CyanogenMod (CM) in the community service model in-depth application of the team to explore and discover which we can learn and learn from. read more


nternet queen Mikel said many aspects of China has become the world’s nternet leader

Abstract: known as the queen of the Internet, Marie · (Mary Meeker) released her up to 213 PPT 2016 Internet trends (Internet Trends) report. This is the twenty-first time she released the annual internet report, the report said, in many ways, China has become a global leader in the internet.

[Zhang Lin / Ti media] June 2nd morning news, known as the "Queen of the Internet" KPCB partner Marie · (KPCB); Mikel (Mary Meeker), released her 213 PPT 2016 "Internet trend" (Internet Trends) report. This is the twenty-first time she has released the annual Internet report. read more


Although Uber and Airbnb have been known to all but they are not many users

according to the Pew Research Center survey shows that only 15% of the country in the use of Uber, Lyft and other taxi tools. Similarly, only 11% of the people in the country are using Airbnb and VRBO like family sharing services.

data show that, overall, 72% of adults in the United States to use at least one shared or on-demand services, the continuous development of the market allows the user to press the button you can call to a car, eat a meal, or a predetermined travel accommodation, data also shows such as chips, rent clothes, share office services. The Pew Research Center conducted a survey of 4787 American adults. read more


91 finance Wu Wenxiong PO material has been submitted or select A shares listed

text / Sohu IT Yang Shufang

Sohu IT exclusive interview with 91 financial co-founder Wu Wenxiong. Wu Wenxiong shared the next series of 91 financial arrangements, roughly as follows:

1.IPO has entered the implementation phase. 91 finance has submitted relevant materials. The second round of financing will be the leading side of Haitong Securities will be its future listing consultant and underwriters.

2 has opened the first line under the store. After the establishment of branch offices in major cities, the establishment of stores, while working with Haitong Securities across the board, the establishment of more than 400 outlets in the sea service area, forming a closed loop O2O. Conduct business and personal services locally. read more


Subtitle group era ended interest in the final battle against the capital

passion, interest, sharing, and ultimately resist the rules, business and capital.

everyone film and television reopened. Two weeks ago to see all the film and television network and the shooter was closed, I am quite a sigh of relief (the news is close to the titanium media reports, "break off. I graduated from the University of the first job in Yeeyan, do things with subscene Yeeyan is very similar: to build a platform, through to stimulate the user’s interest and enthusiasm, to put it nicely, "share the spirit" based on the introduction of excellent content to Chinese Internet, short information and information highland depression the gap. read more


The National Lottery Center never said net sales of lottery illegal


technology news May 8th morning news, according to the Ministry of civil affairs in charge of "public good times" the news, call the State General Administration of Sport Lottery Management Center was informed that at present, 500 lottery network and Chinese SMG network sales pilot qualification has not changed.

although the pilot does not belong to the official lottery sales license, but that the lottery sales practices of the two sites is still legal.

yesterday the media published the news, two lottery lottery center did not authorize any website or online sales of lottery agency business, all online sales of lottery industry are illegal violations. read more


Google exit Chinese is t is sheer fiction

early in the morning, the group, the webmaster online is the news of the delisting of Google, so I put the message to his Jiaxing people’s network ( above.

supervisor at noon, very worried to call me, I have not received the call, then very worried leadership, said the Ministry of public security has issued a document, Google delisting is false news, immediately delete.

I think so, Google how to quit China!


2009 Jiangxi annual meeting held in Nanchang in December 12th

station network December 13th news conference and the 2009 Jiangxi station Jiangxi Internet Forum held in December 12th in Jiangxi Nanchang Weike Hotel, the conference and the webmaster Club sponsored Jiangxi webmaster alliance and Yanhuang network contractors, Jiangxi information port, zhulang software company, Admin5 station network, the 076 network game Co.

the theme of the conference is "looking for the site of the profit, the exchange of individual stationmaster operation experience, gathered from love, Jijun Guo starry piano nets Ceng Jigui, QVOD Yan Dacai, Chinese online Guan Peng, Baidu union Wang Fang, the Li Jian, Zhang Xiang, Chen Guoqiang, webmasters Comsenz circle nets and other guests attended the music week this meeting, this is unprecedented, in Jiangxi province and the other parts of more than 400 owners participated in the meeting. read more


One week news review WeChat will be charged fee Apple Pay China Online

the new year after the first day of rest is coming quietly, over the past week, WeChat will receive cash fee announcement made even the banks raise a Babel of criticism of, out of innocence. Apple Pay Chinese line area, is to let Alipay WeChat on tenterhooks.

1 loan treasure was reported in the name of the name of the ants in the name of gold to mislead the user

often questioned the lending treasure on the first day after the Spring Festival once again pushed to the opinion in the teeth of the storm. In the "Beijing nine tertiary" report Jiuding investment and borrowing treasure event just corpuscles soon, yesterday evening, the ant gold service issued a statement on its official micro-blog said the recent network spread sign money speech, Alibaba name group under the banner of "borrowing treasure" to promote new business, misleading customers. Although the loan treasure responded that personal marketing behavior, but radical and misleading marketing means that many people believe that their management needs to be improved. read more


WeChat public number will be the focus of remediation Tencent said it has issued 250 thousand yuan b

industry believes that the remediation of WeChat’s user activity and other indicators will have an impact, but because WeChat has not been profitable, so no impact on its performance

according to the national Internet Information Office jointly Ministry of public security and other departments held a special conference, from May 27th to carry out a one month special rectification actions nationwide, focus on remediation of WeChat and other public account of illegal behavior.

Guoxin Office official pointed out that WeChat and other rapid development of mobile instant messaging services, users exceeded 800 million, mobile Internet has become the most important and one of the most popular applications, at the same time, some people with this platform objectionable or illegal and harmful information to the public, serious damage to the network communication order and harm the public interest, cause users dissatisfaction. read more


ntelligent machine fiasco Amazon can rely on Echo to build hardware entrance

[Abstract] as a speaker, Amazon Echo sound quality in general, and as a voice assistant, Echo lack of core applications.

Tencent technology Xu Anna reported on December 7th

in June this year, Amazon launched the first smartphone Fire Phone. Half a year later, Fire Phone sales are very bleak, at the end of the third quarter that Amazon has accumulated a total of about $83 million in stock, a direct result of its writedowns of $170 million, which is related to that of the total failure in the Amazon, but Amazon CEO Geoff · Bezos is a continuation of the style, pay attention to the long-term interests of the strategy, willing to take the big risk to test. read more


Spicy comments the first video is wronged you really wrong

the coming of the scourge, every Chinese are worried, as head of the US, the same attention every day in the network, and the disaster area, making every little love people are generous.

Admin5, the laggards, and across the webmaster, will own the best place to take out public welfare publicity, and for many small owners, the best position for sina on the earthquake, the Tencent on the earthquake, because they know that in the face of natural disasters, selfless solidarity is the most important. read more